Setback or Future Opportunity for Exansion of Grow 😈

The advantage would be more light and little more balanced light distribution.

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I would assume, the advantage in light distribution wouldn’t outweigh the extra $200 per light for a 4x8 space over HLG 260w kit.

If they would come in stock, one would cover my x-mas! :heart_eyes::man_facepalming:

It may in that scenario. A single 260 kit is on smaller end to veg a 4x4, and is a pretty narrow fixture. Almost to the point where 3 260 xl kits would be better. As opposed two of thd chilled tech lights would be more than enough.

There’s a 35 business day lead time for chilled tech. The first x3 330w 4000k is ordered. Someone is supposed to buy my weight stuff tomorrow, which will fund the second and lighting for the bottom of the cabinet. Got junction boxes hung, wire pulled, and first wall in place. Mylar will be here tomorrow, so I’m hoping to have structure done with pics this weekend.

@dbrn32 the space is roughly 34” x 18” x 30”. If I wanted this space dedicated for mother plant, what lighting would you recommend? Amazon light is hanging there now, but it’s veg cycle pulls 235w from the wall.

Upper of the 2 sections has 8 cfls for seed prop.


Sounds like you’re going first class all the way. Can’t wait to see your final set up…:+1:t3::+1:t3::v:t3:

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2’ t5ho fixture with cold white bulbs. It lacks any cool factor, but is inexpensive and relatively perfect in that situation.


@Happilyretired Your grow room thread was one of the first I found on the forum. You are living the dream!

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I like cool and sexy, but I’d much rather splurge where there is a benefit to doing so. For that small of a space, would a simple Home Depot fixture work, or would one with reflectors be better?

As long as it’s a t5 and not a t8 or t12. They have about half of the efficacy of t5


I’m making some progress on my expansion. It should be almost functional before I got out of town on Tuesday. It’ll be a few weeks for the chilled x3 to get here, but I decided to hang the blurple light on one side for the time being. Until I need another x3 for appropriate light for the plants. AC infinity s8 will be here tomorrow.



Need to staple romex and finish electrical. I have 5400 watts capacity beyond my current setup, which is WAY more than I will ever need.

Also, @dbrn32 I settled on this Amazon t5 fixture. I think it should work nicely. I can switch between inside, outside, or all 4 bulbs. I figured if I ever wanted a bigger mother space, the extra bulbs would come in handy.


Looks like a good choice

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Thanks for the tip. I was considering a chilled x1 for the space, so I saved $100.:cowboy_hat_face:

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Like I said, nothing really cool about a t5 fixture lol. But they have their place and fill what you are looking for pretty well. Price is merely benefitthat comes along with.


You’re gonna love those air pots. You’re going to find dry out faster than the cloth. One little note for you though if you wind up with fungus gnats you need to pick up your pots and spray the bottom when you spray everything else…:v:t3::+1:t3:

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I made some good progress yesterday and today on the room in general. Leaving with the family for a few days. Hopefully some packages are waiting when I get back.

Electrical is done. I have 2 20 amp circuits, with room for another if I ever need it.

Got the T5 fixture mounted in the cabinet, so the cabinet is now complete!

I finally have the beginning of a workspace!

And my veg room expansion is coming together.

Still need to duct the exhaust fan and wait for the Chilled x3 to get here. My roll up door has a magnetic strip across the bottom, and the threshold has 1/8” steel plate. Seals up better than expected.


It was snowing when we got to the airport, so I can’t complain about the weather or view!

But the local herb leaves a little t to be desired, but that’s not new.

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Made it back from Mexico and of my plants are all doing well. I potted my first clone (potential mother) up from solo to 1-gal, and moved her to the lower cabinet. She’ll now be on an 18/6 schedule.

The t5 reads 640x10 lux at the canopy in the lower cabinet. Does that seem like enough @dbrn32?
I totally understand there’s an enormous difference between the t5 and the 650r, but the lux readings are so different. 650r is between 210 and 630x100 lux at the canopy, and it’s not turned up to the notch yet.

I have plenty of room to lower the light closer to the canopy, if I need more light. I can also shut off the inside or outside pair of bulbs to lower intensity.

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I would lower it some for sure.

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It’s lowered down now to 60- 115x100 lux between inner pair and all four bulbs. Still have room to lower if need be; however, she’s looking a bit unhappy after transplant.