Set up for successful scrog grow


Sure. Seems like depends on where you learned to do it. I had actually never seen one weaved until I came here.


I just found weaving to be natural.

Of course harvesting is more of a pita. Not a lot of cross branches to hang.

Maybe next time I’ll just try pushing them under.


I don’t believe there’s a wrong way to do it. The idea is to get your lowers and side branches to reach the screen and then keep them horizontal to create your future bud sites. Makes little difference how you get there in my opinion.


Woke up this morning to a lot of good ideas! Thanks to everyone for their input @whodat66, @drinkslinger, @SilentHippie, @dbrn32, @Budbrother! That’s what makes this the best site I have seen on the net for knowledge on the subject and I think you’re right @dbrn32 there’s no “wrong” way to do it as long as it accomplishes the same things. I was using some scrap things I had laying around in the workshop but heading to Lowes this morning. I like the idea of loosely tying the branches to the top of the screen I think just for ease of harvest. The bamboo that @Budbrother was talking about sounds interesting. I’ll watch that grow journal when you get that going my friend. I’m definitely going to raise it at least 10" . I’ts currently only 14" from the base and I think I need to let some of the other branches get going a little better and veg for a while. As for the size…I can’t go much more in length because I need to be able to walk around it to get to other things but can go more in width. It’s about 55"x24" currently. Maybe 55"x36"? It’s 3 plants and want them to have plenty of grow room. I’m trying to talk my wife into letting me close off another area that would give me a nice 15’x25’ grow space. We’ll see how that goes. LOL