Set up for successful scrog grow


Okay, so this is a first-time grower, attempting to do a successful scrog grow. This is also a first-time poster. I’ve been here for a few months tried to read and soak up all I could so now I’m putting it into action. I’ve got a few pictures that I’m hoping some of the experts can lend a hand because honestly I’m not sure if I even know what the he** I’m doing. LMAO but isn’t it fun! These girls are about 5 weeks old under 2 vipar spectra v1200’s. Room is 6x9 give or take an inch or two. Been feeding all just distilled water from the grocery store and usually always has a pH of around 6 to 6.5 with a lite nute feeding once over the last 2 weeks. They’ve been getting a little bit higher than normal levels of CO2 as well. The taller one got topped 4 days ago and the shorter 2 got fim’ed at the same time. As for the scrog I know the holes will need to be bigger and my thoughts were that I would cut the holes bigger as I begin tucking and tying as it’s easily snipped with a pair of scissors. I’m questioning myself as to whether I have this strong on at the correct time and should I change the netting before its to late and was hoping some of the experts can chime in critique for a successful grow maybe? @Budbrother @dbrn32


As far as timing goes, you can change the netting. You have time. My Scrog used the green coated steel garden fencing and I was worried about the size of the holes also but it turned out to be fine. I had to gently work the buds out of the screen at harvest. I couldn’t cut the whole plant at once, I had to cut it down branch by branch but it still was ok. If that netting is easy to cut, it should work for you. You could always just make the holes a little bigger if you’re worried.


The holes are a bit small, but they look flexible and you’ll just have to be gentle tucking the plant through them.

I’d say it’s a little low for your plants. I do a long veg cycle and have many branches by the time my plants hit the net. Some people like it low. I like a bit more room for feeding/watering.

Those 3 plants will easily fill that scrog. I usually do 2 plants for a 48"x30". Right now I’ve got 2 in a 5’x10’.


So maybe put the scrog a little higher and bigger and yeah, I think I will change the netting to something with bigger holes.


You’ll want bigger holes for sure. Whether you replace or just cut them doesn’t really matter. Most people will run there screen a little higher, but it’s not that big of a screen for 3 plants. I would think it’s fine where it is for what you have. If you were trying to fill it with 1 plant, then a little more room would probably be in order. Will work either way though.


When I did one, I didn’t ‘tuck’ a thing (I was too afraid of breaking things off). I used twit-ties to hold limbs down to the net after super-cropping. Started low like yours, then I just trained it to make sure there was only one per hole, fairly close together. Once I put her into flower she was about 8-12 inches higher than the net. 2 weeks into flower I bent each stem outward, then tied them to the net.


Im going to get the wire like @SilentHippie was referring to and make the whole screen a bit bigger. Its about 14 inches from the base so maybe raise it another 10 inches and let em veg a little longer maybe?


Thats what Im planning as well @Whodat66. Already have the zip ties. :grin:


I wouldn’t use zip ties, unless they are easily removable. I think for about a month I was adjusting the layout of the branches so they all had room. They grew at different rates. They were laid out like a big round fan, super-cropped right at the level of the net.


I can see that. So it helps to use twisties instead so I can move the branches more freely.


Just my opinion. That said, if you tuck branches they aren’t moving either, so zip-ties won’t hurt anything - unless they are tight and the stems outgrow them and are constricted. I did this on my own based on what made sense to me. Like I said, I was just scared to weave and tuck because I didn’t want to break anything. I was gifted a handful of random bag-seed, and got one to sprout out of about 30. I was reeeeaaaaaaly careful :wink:


Sounds like a trip to lowes tomorrow. Dont know about yall but lowes is like a candy store to me. Lol :grin:


I use zip ties, but I put them on backwards. The have the strength to hold the branches, but can be easily released for adjustments. My holes are 2.5” but I usually develop a plan as the plant grows. You have to think ahead to future growth and branch placement when growing with such small holes. :smirk:


I’d raise the net 10"-12". I usually use heavy cord and screw eyes every 3".

I recently bought some thin, cheap trellis netting… its crap. Too light and the net keeps getting pushed up.


I was just looking at bundles of bamboo. Easy to cut to size and zip tie cross sections. I think that’s how my next screen will be built. Maybe some over under layout and skip the ties. Cheap and easy :smirk:


I like the flexibility of cord. When you start tucking you’ll see what I mean.
Some people use steel or mesh… I like pliability.


I go over the screen to tie down. It’s easier for me and the rigid screen keeps them in place with zip ties. Much easier to remove buds when the time comes.


I hear you on that.
I’ve definitely cursed myself at harvest… trying to figure out how the fu@k that branch was snared in the scrog net.


You guys definitely do differently than I did. The way mine looked, I could’ve pretty much removed my screen when I flipped. No ties, no weaving. Just continually pushed growth back under screen. It needed to be there for support, but there was nothing else to keep it from being lifted off.


I veg a long time. Plenty of time for weaving. I don’t use ties.

Although I suppose just pushing it under would work too.