Session Bongs are Overpriced Flimsy Crap

Hey everyone, please do yourself a favor and stay away from Session bongs. I paid $135 for one, and the bowl-piece broke in a week and a half:

Mind you, I take care of this thing - it costs $135 for christs sake. I didn’t drop the bowl piece or any part of the bong once. I was scraping at the bowl a bit with the pocket knife shown and the bowl piece seemed like it just kinda fell off like the adhesive had given away or something.

That was almost a week ago, and after multiple emails to help@sessiongoods dot com (which btw is where Session tells you to go if you have “issues”), I have yet to receive even a RESPONSE, much less a solution as to why their $135 bong falls apart in under 2 weeks.

They have replacement bowl-pieces you can buy from them, but who wants to have to keep buying replacement parts multiple times a month, just so you can keep using the bong that you’ve ALREADY paid a premium price for?

Sorry if I sound like I’m ranting…maybe this isn’t even the best place to leave a review for Session bongs. I tried leaving a review on the websites I had read that said it was such a good bong, but I’m not even seeing my reviews show up on the websites after I write them, which makes me think they’re some kind of sham websites, set up just to show positive reviews for the bong so suckers like me will go out and buy it.

Anyway, enough. Please do yourself a favor and steer clear of Session.

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That’s where they mated the two mass produced pieces. Obviously not well on that one. One of my rig bowls broke exactly like that just last week. But I’ve had it forever. It also just went ping. Lol. Never dropped. If you want quality go Greek Glass.

I’ve dropped my GG crystal banger more times than I can remember… still kickin it

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Puffco ftw.

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