Seriously over this :( can someone help me

My plants just keep dying
60 cm x 60cm x 90cm tent
600w led

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That seedling is like 20 days old wtf

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type @ and some names to get help. only been here a year i know a little

@pptrsha1 plz tag some

ok hang on

@kaptain3d @Amazon66 @Myfriendis410 @Hellraiser please someone help

@Covertgrower might be better suited to answer this one. :nerd_face:

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i saw some issues and didnt know who to tag first

hellraiser has been guiding a few noobs thru their grows

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No worries :martial_arts_uniform: :older_woman:!

When I know, I love to share. We’ll find someone that can help! :nerd_face:

It seems really hot and dry weather… so maybe @Mote would have an idea or two? :thinking:


or @Budbrother wrote about dry climates too

All great suggestion! :nerd_face:

how is this plant 20 days old? it sprouted 20 days ago? then nothing?

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Be sure to ph the water when being added.
Don’t over water.
Keep a dome over them for a bit so they don’t lose as much moisture through the leaves.

Not saying you’ve made those mistakes, just know a lot of people ask about similar things with seedling deaths.


@LoCoRock helped me my whole first grow

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Yeah plant is about 20 days old
I did keep a plastic dome over it at the start then stopped!

Thinking of starting some new ones

My temperatures are definately out
How can I improve them?

what size pot is that? did you start in that pot? did you read the grow bible? did you stalk a bunch of growers and watch what they do? information is your best friend. even when you feel like your head is going to explode read some more

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just a 3.5 litre i started it in a smaller pot and transfered when i took that photo, but it hasnt been growing tent has been getting a bit hot, and yeah could you link me to grow bible? i done a bunch of research but yeah just struggling tbh

if you click on seed bank it takes you to how to grow from seed to harvest. you should be able to click on send the grow bible to your email, sometimes i think we make it harder on ourselves

Hopefully someone can help work out what I’m doing wrong