Serious white widow topping

so i have some gilatto and white widow and would like to keep them at around four foot. i have done screening and did like not been able to move plants so i would like to go try topping again. whats the best way to do this please. i love ilgm. how many times can you pull top nodes out .


Have you tried supercropping. It can help control height.


I’ve topped plants up to 3 times. Usually top above the 4th real node and then every 3rd successive node after.

Bulldognuts has a good suggestion for you too.


for give me but just so were on the same page is cropping where i pull off the middle off a branch then 2 grow back lol

and thankyou guys

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This is topping.

Supercropping is bruising a branch (so it doesn’t break off) and bending it down 90 degrees or so.

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This plant was super cropped to keep it below the netting.


For a beginner or the uninitiated supercropping can be a little scary. But it works well for controlling plant height. There’s a lot of videos on YouTube to show you how. The method will also strengthen stems, by causing a knuckle to form that is stronger than the original location. @kaptain3d uses this among other techniques grow incredible plants. I’m going to link one of his journals, in it you will see where he literally does the entire plant this way. He has better examples of doing this, but I didn’t have time to find them.


scrogging is what i did befor but ill go with super cropping this time as i can still move the plants and do a flush if need be this time thanks again guys your all stars


when is the best time to be pulling off the middle of the branch guys

i did it like this befor on the last grow


i also read about you guys getting so many lbs of few plants so where am i going wrong