Serious problems?

Ok I think i’m having major issues here. The yellowing is spreading to damn near every leaf. I have a lot of red stems and veins. I also see some other spots on some leaves. I’m having a bunch of issues here and it’s a shame. She looks like she is going to have a pretty damn nice yield if she can make it much longer. This is my first ever attempt at growing anything and i’ve come too far and stressed too much to fail now. Any advice would be very appreciated.

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Red stems are cal mag and phosphorus deficient


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Thanks Majiktoker. I was thinking Phosphorous too, but it also looks like Nitrogen deficiency?

That’s the cal mag

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More than likely it’s a pH issue that’s locking out everything… but who knows without any more info , anybody’s guess would be a good guess …LOL
Also we don’t even know how old she is or how long it’s been in flower so we really don’t know much of anything Do we … :wink:


It doesn’t look far enough along to be normal die off, so I’ll go with the diagnosed deficiencies thinking it’s due to a pH issue.

My two copper coated Lincolns…


PH PH PH they are probly sitting around 5.5? and not getting enough N even adding Cal mag will improve them with the N boost in it bit it points right to ph


I tested the run off water and it tested around 6.1. Is it safe to assume that I’m underfeeding? I know for sure I have a phosphorous deficiency like majiktoker pointed out. What do I do if I know the deficiency but my soil is still moist from the last feeding? I can’t do anything until it’s time to feed again right?

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@rvf239 you are the same as me! I am doing it for the first time and have a purple thumb! I feel you about the stress:)

Yeah man the stress is real haha. It sucks just sitting here waiting for my soil to dry so I can feed her and try to correct the issue

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@Majiktoker If I have a phosphorus deficiency do I give it full strength bloom supplement per what the bottle says? Should i feed her more than full strength or less than full strength? Also, how can you fix an issue if you have to wait a few days to feed again? It’s like i’m sitting here just watching it die but i’m afraid to overwater.

Because the few days you wait toxins subside, and id feed at 1/2 strength to start

Thanks man. I appreciate the help.

Not a problem thats what im here for any more questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

There is a point where the fan leaves have given all they have to give. This plant looks very close to that. I would agree with Folks that it is a deficiency, but the buds look good and then stems are very thin so it’s not transporting as many nutes as some plants we see.

Let it dry, follow Majiks info and don’t worrry too much, as long as the buds are still doing well the fan leaves are not as big a concern this late in the game.


One of the big advantages of doing some kind of training. Beef up the stalk and stems to really let those juices flow!

Great response…


I look at the plant from a distance first. I think 90% of the time first impressions are it and then we over analyze. At first glance I see what looks to be about three gal pots in soil. Could be coco but looks like soil. Ph for soil is mid sixes. Tall plants like that say maybe more light but what they have is working. Good looking buds with no nute burn says she got good care. So you have the most obvious scenario of a rootbound plant using all its energy to finish its job.

I just made some hash from sugar leaves using pvc tube and nylon net and I’m feeling wordy. :sunglasses: