September Starts


ILGM Super Skunk fems 09/07/2018 in week 4 flower


09/07/18 skunk update for yall


Harvested all but Jamaican Berry.


Geeze that one close up bud looks incredible!


Update on my Green Crack photos. Is that the start of a bud? I flipped the lights 8 days ago. Sniffle my girls are growing up so fast. BTW, this is my first grow ever, so I am winging it lol.


Yes good job she is flowering


ILGM Super Skunks 09/07/19 home stretch for these girls


I love the mohawk. What a wild bud. I can’t wait to see how the skunks smell and taste. I haven’t had skunk weed in 20 years.


@DoobieNoobie man those skunks are the stickiest sweetest smelling and so strange if you rub the leaves under underside of the leaves then they smell like skunk


Nice! The bloody skunks smell skunky in the air but if you touch the plant or smell a leaf it smells just like fresh ginger root. I hope they keep some of that smell after harvest.


My girls are in the home stretch as well. 53 days(8&1/2weeks) into flower. Trichs just now starting to ripen. Maybe a week to go before flush.


They grow up so fast, don’t they?


I know! Can’t wait to start my next grow! Lol


Harvesting my last September Start tomorrow! New grow already begun!


My update: Progress


So, that’s where you’ve been?! Lost in your jungle?! Damn!

I remember when they were just ankle biters!


ILGM Super Skunk Fems Sept. 7 2018 sprout chopped Dec, 9 2018 Christmas smoke report commin.

thanks yall happy grow’n too jimmie


Looks awesome! Nice haul! Enjoy my friend!


Sweet! Nothing like seeing hanging bushes!


Flowering wk3