September Starts


Super Skunk Fems update 9/7/18 sprout in week 3 flower

happy grow’n yall …jimmie


…and another week passes by


They’re breaking out of jail!


They better hurry then


Picture of perfection brother! :v:


They do look great :blush:


Got some 9 & 10 fingered leaves. Want a 12 finger to add to my collection of dried leaves. Most I have ever got was 11


I never count my fingers, I should. Lol


Saw @MattyBear pic above and it made me think of em


Still haven’t flipped but will by Saturday for sure. Wanted to give that fim a bit more time to grow

Zkittlez day 64

Mystery is just looking soooooo good, I thought she was a goner just a few weeks ago

Day 70


Sneak peak… Don’t wanna double post @MattyBear check it out in the Conspiracy


Fill me in @Budbrother I’m clueless bro, sorry!


Realized I haven’t posted in here in a while haha. I have 15 plants and they’re all at various ages
Here’s a Blue Mystic, ILGM Blue Cheese, Cindy Haze, ILGM Gelato and ILGM Bubblegum


Too funny… Larry Bird - Gelato


Just checking in. At the start of week 5 into flower. Day 29





Just waiting for that middle :fu:t3: finger to pop up :laughing:


I got you



Harvested 3 out of the 7 of my September starts. :grinning: