September Starts


It looks almost iridescent. Very cool!


It’s nuts 630 lec is the light 3100k bulbs


I love those fall colors! Its amazing how those colors can change just from cooler temperatures! Weather out here is in the same range as yours and my flowers are turning deep deep purple!


Here’s my September babies… Zkittlez on the left and Mystery on the right

They both had a bit of wilting when transferred into their big girl buckets (the result of my inexperience) But Mystery had me wondering if she was gonna make it… she was barely a twig but is bouncing back. She’s 45 days from sprout

She does have something going on… I’ll have to research this

Zkittlez is 51 days from sprout and looking good, I think

My plan is to flip them when Grape Ape is done, maybe 10 days to 2 weeks


Nice very pretty girls!


my girls that popped out of the dirt mid-september


What are they June?


Green Crack, photos


Pretty pretty girls!


Will be trying a Green Crack auto as part of my next grow.


Sorry for the blurples. Please note the great artistic skill displayed by that green outline.

Jamaican Berry Super Auto 61 days


Tangie & Blue Dream - Day 65 and currently 9.5”

Almost to the screen :grimacing: Hurry already, damn!


Super skunk fem scrog w/1mc clone and 1 from seed. Day 13 after flip.


Perfect looking ladies :fist:

Both of you guys! :v:


Super Skunks fems day 54 two weeks since start of transition to 12/12 1 week of flower


Going to wait another week or so before flipping. Today I fimmed Zkittlez and cut off half of one of Mystery’s twigs and bent the other inward. They are 55 and 61 days from sprout




Slowly getting there


Plants look pristine @Budbrother​:fist::v:


Heres gorilla glue #4 & crystal. Both 4 & 1/2 - 5 weeks


Crystal Makes awesome tinctures