September Starts


Clones from lucky charm bottom 2 9/29 other’s 10/6
Moving 9/29 to 3 gal’s today


Gotta get in on this. Here’s my three girls of og kush autos. Bonnie and Betty sprouted on 9-3 and their little sis Billie came on 9-22


Zkittlez is 36 days from sprout

Mystery is 30 days and needs to be transplanted, I’ve been lazy and she’s been patient


Raspberry kush and Cindy 99 clones x3


Technically, she germed August 31st, but I’ve gotta share this girl. I haven’t really looked at her w/o the blurples on, so I got quite a treat today, when I took photos with the lights off.

For your viewing pleasure, Bloody Skunk Auto:


Oh, she is a beauty! I love the black, just gorgeous.


I don’t usually name plants, but I’d call her Joan Jett, if I did


My girls. My first ever grow. 2 Green Crack that popped out of the dirt on 9/14.


welcome to the club and very good luck too. @NotquiteJuneCleaver

happy grows yall


Thats the perfect name!! I love it.


That’s a gorgeous plant right there miss!!!


When smells as good as she looks, too!


Ok, I’m getting in on this with 2 girls that emerged 9/27. Wish I could include the 3 beans I dropped yesterday. Lol. Anyway, here’s my…

Dutch Passion Auto Ultimate - day 8

Day 13

Dinafem XXL Cheese auto - Day 8

Day 13

Day 14


Half an update: here are the 4 qb girls, the one on the farthest left is 53 days from germination, all others are 43-44 days from germ

From left going clockwise: Sour Melon, Blue Dream, Pineapple Crack, Sweet Tooth

Other half of update: 3 blurple girls, the middle one is 43 days from germ, the others are 53 days

From left: Bloody Skunk, Blue Cheese, Jamaican Berry


Here’s my chicks Bonnie, Bettie, and their not so little anymore sis Billie. 51 days for the older gals, and 31 for lil sis


Tangie & Blue Dream, Day 49 from splash down

A whopping 9” tall


Those sativas are gonna stretch like crazy!


Update super skunk have flowers

Day 48 lights at 13/11 going 12/12 tonight


Looks like they’re ready to explode with all those light colored new growth areas all over.


The blue cheese is crazy in colder weather

temps 65 lights on 40 lights off in am but back to 50s by noon