September Starts


That strain would be the number one seller if it was ever bred to be ph tolerant lol


Sep 6, a Tangie & Blue Dream seeds took a swim.

I woke up to a mag deficiency on BD (rt) to which i gave both 60 ppm of Epsom Salt


Before September ended, I managed to drop a skywalker and a black widow into dirt. The September start line up for me sounds like a bad joke: 2 banners, a skywalker, and a widow walk into a bar… lol


…the 1st Banner says to the Widow, you’re in my seat, the 2nd Banner says, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry; & a Skywalker jumps up from the bar and says, with a finger wave, these are not the seats you’re looking for :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl::joy:

Anyway, still no likes ta give ya, Soo :+1:t3:


…then he goes…then he goes, I ride sidesaddle!


Lolol @Budbrother @blackthumbbetty hopefully the force is strong with the pop culture mix pack!


My Raspberry Kush


Pssst pssst hey, I like that :+1:t3: Btw. Ya know!? Just an FYI


About to drop a Cindy Haze regular and a feminized Blue Mystic :sunglasses::wink::fist::v:


I almost bought some blue mystic. That raspberry Kush is on my wish list of seeds. So is Zkittlez that @GreenThunder is growing, I smoked some of that in a vape and fell in love :heart:️ but it’s $56 for 3x seeds. Yikes!!


My permanent solution to ilgm’s limitation of likes & the whole 10 characters thing… you ready to steal it folks?




I wanna get my hands on some Cindy so bad. I smoked some raspberry kush about a year ago and it was Devine. Haven’t seen her around since…:weary:


Here’s 2 gold leafs that were switched a few days ago

They look lonely in there…:thinking:


You can find both strains if you search hard enough online, in the USA :wink: I won’t post competing seed companies out of respect to ILGM and so I don’t get slapped on the wrist lol


Here’s my Blue Cheese


Here are the girls. Blurple girls are now at day 39 from germination & the QB girls are at days 30-32 from germination.


im in deep 4 super skunk fems 2 @ 31 days 2 @ 28 … only lst

6 white widow auto 10 days now in 2 gal (needed to keep these one’s smallish) they are Christmas presents

compared to these WWA

i have 2 clones from 9/29 and 6 this month off of Lucky charm bag seed pics coming they a sleep now.

and these WWA too

and these WWA 2 middle ones were topped ( not a fan just tried it )

kicking the widows out so the skunks are going in this tent 5x5 i was going to greenhouse with them but i want to better control grow may scrog um.


Would like to introduce my sept girls

Top is gorilla glue #4
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