September Starts


I was gifted a few Crystal seeds and wanna drop one next round. Join the fun @Laurap


Im hooked on crystal! Shes high in thc as well as cbds. I make tinctures with her & grow 1 per grow. Shes very easy to grow but doesnt like a dry climate.


These plants might be ready around Christmas so we should be able to see people’s harvests around the holidays!


Thanks for the tips :wink: That sounds great to me :v:


Im set to watching. Love Christmas foliage!!!


Set it to “joining” and post pics of your babes :wink:


I was just going through my head and thinking that it would be right about xmas for harvest. Christmas budage!!


I should have a Thanksgiving feast with most my girls. The Jamaican Berry Super Auto might be a Christmas girl, though.


I have 4 girls under qb who are now 21-23 days old, and 3 under blurples who are 31 days old.


This is my crystal. She broke ground friday. Thanks didnt know there was a join button!
Just looked i dont have a join selection.


Look down. It’s the gray box located below “topic controls”. You can set to watch or track. That’s kinda like joining, right? I prefer a good “jointing”, myself.


The Jointening


Lol, i needed that! Im set to watching but jointing is much better!


I lost this thread and just found it again. These should all be harvesting around xmass time! How fun.


Gorilla glue #4. Shes just under gun as sprouted 9/30.


I’ve got two!! I love this kind of post, makes it easier to see the comparison of plants the same age as yours.

Zkittles aka Ziva sprouted Sept 4 (she topped herself about a week ago)

Mystery (a free seed with my last order) aka Abby, sprouted Sept 10


Wouldn’t that be a great thing: self-topping strains?


Id like them to control their own ph.


I’d like them to grow as big & fast as Audrey 2…minus the human blood requirement.


I’d pay extra for this!!