September Starts


Seeing lots of babies popping up, this month! It’s fun to compare other grows that start around the same time…so, let’s do that here, in one handy dandy post!


@raustin @drillbit @mattybear


Sweet!!! I have a Raspberry Kush that’s already sprouted and a Blue Cheese and s Girl Scout Cookies that are floating in water since yesterday :wink:


I have 3 plants whose official Day #1 is 8/31…should I include them? My 4 others started 9/7 & 9/8.


Include whatever you want! Lol. Are we growing any of the same strains? What do you have going right now @blackthumbbetty?


I’m doing all autos in promix with earth juice, an’s root trio, and nftg persephone & demeter (not together).

Jamaican Berry Super auto
Sour Melon
Bloody Skunk
Blue Dream
Sweet Tooth
Blue Cheese
Pineapple Crack(whore)


Cool! We’re both doing a Blue Cheese! I have 21 plants going at the moment of these strains. Some I’ve cloned…
Double Tangie Banana
Black Dog
Sour Diesel
Caramelicious auto
Killer Queen
Cinderella xx
Raspberry Kush
Blue Cheese
Fire OG
Girl Scout Cookies


21?! Holy mackerel! I’m having a hard enough time juggling the needs of 7 different strains/plants!


All out of likes but set to Watching! I’m growing super skunk fem and also a super skunk monster clone. Seedling was born Sept 11th. And growing as fast as the hulk turns green! Lol

My newest journal, journal #3 for me too: Here I grow again on my own! SS fem #2


Looking good!


I just planted a California Dream seed last night. Should be a couple days before she rears her little head


Yay! Babies!


Gotta love the kids! Lol. Right now I have 2 gold leaf in flower, 2 banner in veg, and just started some skywalker seeds yesterday… huzzah to the harvest!


You’re gonna love the Cali dream aroma; mine smelled like citrusy bubblegum! She had to be 3x3 in a scrog and brought me over 9 oz! Definitely a keeper strain for me!


@Drillbit @Thelaughingwolf you guys are in haha
Here’s my Raspberry Kush seedling. Just transplanted into a one gallon pot yesterday


I will jump in if that is cool. Got Bruce Banner, white rhino, chocolope and blackberry kush going. I got the Bruce Banner and blackberry in 7 gallon bags just transplanted the other day. The white rhino is probably going to be transplanted next day or so. The chocolope is about a week and half behind.


The more, the merrier! I like to see all the amazing grows…gives me hope one day mine will look as good.


Blue Cheese and GSC had tails, so into rooters and under the dome


Bruce Banner

Blackberry kush

Got chocolope and white rhino going to transplant tonight.


Ive got a crystal, a gorilla glue #4 and 2 bananna kush. They crystal & gorilla glue sprouted. Crystal on friday and gorilla glue on sat. The bannana are still holdouts.