September bud of the month 2018


I may enter if my cherry pie if it’s far enough along


Bruce Banner…order # 258498…nothing special just some good ilgm genetics


now that’s a nice bud not a cola on the plant I love it @Sittingbull64


ILGM Maui Wowie order # 226452


OG Kush
(harvested two weeks ago)

Order# 123741

Gold Leaf order #225960

Order #264176 super skunk feminized !


Very nice bud but the rules do state only one picture per entry. Pick one and then post up as many as you want on the chat room thread as we all love bud porn.


The first picture is the one I’d like to enter. Thanks and sorry this was my first entry ever and only been on the forum for a few days. Thanks again. Do I need to do another post with just the one pic?


You can just click the edit button and remove a pic. :+1:


Wow that took me a while lol. Hopefully what I’ve done is correct. Thanks again


Oh my my that is a beauty


Trying again with my Northern Lights Autoflower - Order #177399



Has to be Ilgm genetics with your order number @Pnw_Gnome


Joined the forum today and submitted an entry for their first post from another seed bank? I would of at least read the rules first. lol


People don’t realize we check order numbers apparently


I believe it was more of a commercial for the other seed bank.


Not anymore :wink: I will leave the pretty picture


Order number #258522 my IG is @pnw_gnome if you want to see the rest.


What strain is this?


At roughly 200 pages long, the rules are labyrinthine, overly obtuse, and obviously meant to confuse (okay, I’m being a smart ass, sorry, I couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). Based on my understanding of the rules, the submission format should look something like this;

ILGM strain name

<<< image of bud >>>

Order #