September 2016 Bud of the Month Contest

Forgot to mention the main bud is 10" long. Just grew like this without pruning. Just some bending and snapping of the main stalk about 4 times during vegetative stage.

Damn that is a beautiful plant! But sorry to be the bearer of bad news here @nwinbackyard , the contest is only for ILGM seeds and strains. But still, very beautiful plant! :v:

Ok , I should have figured that out. My bad.
I’ll upload a Super Silver Haze I also have.

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Outdoor / Super Silver Haze from I love growing marijuana at about 6 weeks into flower


damn… like a post card

Well; The rules are in the original post, and i apologize for not moving them here. Sorry about that. :slight_smile: Some entries here are not qualified to enter the contest. The rules are clearly posted in Bud of the month contest.


Strawberry Kush grown indoors, soil under mh/hps. Approx week 7 of flower.


This is way harder to vote then I thought it would be holy shit they’re some nice ones!!

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White Widow Auto under LED.


I guess we reply to the pic of the Bud we like

ILGMS Super Silver Haze

A close up before curing . trimmed only Hammer .


First grow Roberts White Widow Auto

Its harder to shoose a bud to win than it is to pick an ice cream flavor at the grocery store.


Mno one knows what that one or this one is. When you all vote, put @member whose bud you pick



Read the rules and directions at top of topic. :slight_smile:

Voting does not start until entries close at midnight of the 13th of the month. So hold your votes until Wednesday. :slight_smile:


I just converted to hydro, so I had some pots left over this spring. I took three cuttings from a third generation ilgm amnesia haze clone in the third week of flower.

This is the first to show roots and has been outside since 5/9. Absolutely no stretch. The plant was not topped or cropped.

Solid 8" bud. Needs another week or two but its partner is showing some rot.

The partner is 23" with some nice nuggets. The third cutting did not take.


@Hammer …you have my vote. SSH looks absolutely beautiful not to mention delicious. Well done brother!

Ilgm auto ak47


I see that amber coming in! Great job @hillcrest21678!

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@Ntense has my vote :v: