Sept 9th Start Flowering

I have a wooden box with a Western Grail and she is awesome Here is some close-up pic’s I found a App for my phone Magnifier and Microscope it has power x38.4 down to 1.2 adjustable. I am but a poor boy from a poor family can’t afford them high priced Amazon stuff. So you all my Green brothers and sisters of the grow clan Tell me what you all think? Thank you all for the great help and info I have gleaned from and we are now looking to our 1st harvest and doing some oil and edibles and Hell yes smoke some.

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Ok these are from today And the app from my phone a Mircoscope app which I believe shows I think everything She has be flowering since early Sept. So any of you experts I use that term with great respect as I honor all those growers before me. Also my fridge which I hope to use downstairs What Temps should it be to dry and cure our girls colder or what I am trying to adjust it now before the big harvest comes due?

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Hi its still hard to tell if she is ready is she a auto or photoperiod u need to get one of theses

I got mine from ebay for $20

The pictures are pretty good but you will need a more magnified view of the trichomes, but I can tell by all the white pistils (hairs) they have a ways to go. Once the hairs are about 50-70% dark then you will want to start looking at your trichomes, I’ve actually used that app you have and you can see them okay but obviously a microscope would be better whenever you can swing it. Here’s a picture that will give you a visual of what you are looking for… hope this helps you out


Cool I have a shaky hand and I will find a way to steady my hand/phone and I do mean we are poor folks. Not much money here. I am being very creative in using things I have collected over the years. We had one chance to buy everything we need. I did a ton of reading and ILove Growing weed which has learned me more than I thought anyone could learn. We bought VIVOSUN Grow Tent Complete Kit, 48"x48"x80" Growing Tent with VS1000 Led Grow Light 6 Inch 440CFM Inline Fan Carbon Filter and 8ft Ducting Combo The Green Pad GP6050 CO2 Generator Contains 5 Pads w/2 Hangers
VIVOSUN 5 Pack 5 Gallon Square Grow Bags, Thick Fabric Bags with Handles for Indoor and Outdoor Garden Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom (Pack of 3 - 32 oz. bottles) FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil Mix Indoor Outdoor for Garden and Plants | Plant Fertilizer | 12 Quart + THCity Stake Our local Farm & Fleet has Happy frog soil and Fox farm feriitzlers. and so far all is working I think I made be able to do something but I think by the end of Oct I should see a mix of amber and clear. Thanks for the picture This is our 1st grow ever and we are very excited and know we need to be very very patience


With everything you said the hardest thing is the very last word :laughing::rofl: good luck :+1: feel free to tag me like this @MeEasy if you have any other questions and I’ll do my best to answer or point you to an answer :wink:


Lower Costs & High Efficiency Light : VS1000 LED grow lights use the latest LED plant light technology including Samsung LM301H Diodes, high-energy efficiency with 2.75 umol/J; Extremely high output but consumes only 100W of electricity, It seems to me a huge back and forth among everyone here about lights lights . Yours are crap from Amazon or your are crap not big enough,or mine are better I made them myself… My simple question is this My girls are wanting to growup into big girls They said so a week ago. Now Lights as you see what we have what should they be 12/12 18/6 or 24 hours. Mind you this is all we have. Now I could add one Burpee Light a two bulb florescent set up in the tent if you think it would hellp?

Hey man I’m new and did what u did too, I bought the spider farm kit but smaller 27,27,63 that came with a light like what u got, sf-1000 thats only good for a 2x2. Space. So how many do u plan to grow in your 4x4 will determine how much more light u will need. It gets expensive being saving, HLG has a sale starting in October. Hope this helps and good luck feel free to tag and ask questions. I’ll tag u in my journal see what not to do lol

I have two in there now and I figure room for 2-3 more easy as for lights I can’t buy more but I will add that burpee light somehow I am creative. and a mechanic. Let me take a good camera picture and share one or two with you. in a bit .

No rush killing time at work, I know others will jump in but first question, are your plants photos or autos? Second Do Not try to put 3-4 under what light u have now, they will grow but will not have enough to flower, “Be BIG GIRLS “ add ur other light burble or whatever u have, I’m no expert like said before in first grow and just figuring things out as I go, it’s fun but expensive way to learn lol

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I buy my seeds at Green point and all feminized they said and autos I think I just came up from adding a 80 watt Burpee grow light

I took the one light from the top and took it down into the tent and hung it with bungee cords even with the LED lights now I have full coverage on the girls. The setup stairs is for seedlings and I can have the lights right close to them and they are growing well. So with use having no money extra I guess this will hopefully work. There is some small new growth not much. Now if the lights are not strong enough why not just go longer on time if they are autos they will grow ok. Just thinking out loud.

Ok u got me there, that all way over my head I’m going to tag some people who know way more then me. They will be able to help u much more then I, sorry
@dbrn32 @Mr_Wormwood @MrPeat

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That’s what I would try to do. Doesn’t always work out though.

Yes This growing of weed used to be easy Throw some seeds in Mom’s garden and watch them grow she waters them you pee on them from time to time and come harvest time in the night time. Put them in the garage loft and then Mom goes “Where are those nice green plants? Their grew so tall.” My brother just giggled at her. Now I must be a mad scientist and math major and a doctor and a farmer all in one WOW.! All I know when all is accounted this 1st grow might save us hundreds of cash because with the Magic Butter Machine 2 it will be fun.

Yeah I know what u mean I haven’t done this much reading and figuring stuff out since I was in school. But they say learning new things is how u keept from getting old, it’s expensive to get started I’m in that process now too, but have fun and enjoy it best of luck

I see u got the USB microscope that connects to phone. Very shaky when trying to get pics. What I did was I got 2 pieces of wood and made a stand and then mounted the usb bracket to the wood. Place the stand in front of the plant and snap away. No more shakes. Lol

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I need to copy and paste what u said about wrinkle and show my wife, I think she would definitely dis -agree lol, also nice step up with the micro scope, that’s what I call some engineering skills there

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@MeEasy @BobbyDigital @Tezza2 @Newbgrower @Nicky Well I follow my head and did all the steps in harvesting a few stalks before the real time in a few days and I dry some and cure them and today I could not wait SoI chopped a small bud up and WOW I haven’t been this relaxed and pain free in quite a while This is not the states weed haha.We can’t wait for next month.