Separate plants in hydro or leave together

I think I finally got a hold on germination. I am planning on using a hydro system for two of my plants I germinated 4 the tub is a 6.5 gallon tub. My question is can I keep them all in the tub or separate them. If I must separate can I leave in the system for a couple of weeks or should I do it now.

They each need their own grow container - doing so will improve yields greatly - even if it cost a bit more money - iti will be worth time and effort and money in the end _happy Cultivation

Should I wait a day or two or should I do that now. I plan on having two in soil.

I would separate them simply because once roots are entangled it can cost you both plants to separate them later but a few days won’t hurt just don’t take too long

I did separate them well. Here goes a beautiful start. I have some plants that are about 5 weeks old. I want to flower them but I am moving in less than 2 weeks. I need some clones too should I just wait the two week’s or do longer veg hurt the end product.

here are the other plants