Sensizyme problem or was it something else?

A question from a fellow grower:

How about this. My sprout was about 4 inches tall. I added some root enzyme “sensizyme” to the soil. Next morning the spirit was laid over. The leaves are still green. I transplanted to fresh soil and built out up to support the stem. I think I’m in the clear but unsure of the cause. Over water/moisture? Or could the sensizyme have done it?

It is really hard to give you an informed decision with so little information. I always blame ny issues on the thing I did that was different than before the issue.

Fill out an ILGM Support Ticket, and maybe we can help you out.

What?! Why would you pour root enzyme on a sprout?

Yes!!! Absolutely it could have been this product that did it!

Root enzymes like ‘sensizym’ destroy and breakdown roots. This is certainly not something you would want to put on a young delicate and not fully developed root system, at least not in any significant concentration.

It may recover with the support and transplant.

Good luck,