Sensi skunk auto when should I harvest?

I’ve got 2 skunk plants that sprouted on Mar 13. First grow here. I can tell the pistils are changing colors but I’m not sure when one would actually harvest. I’m in my 8th week now I believe. Any tips or advice on how they look or what I could do differently would be appreciated. Thanks

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Newbie here but fairly certain you have a ways to go…if you’re going by the “8 weeks” in the seed description that is just the flower stage…you have to add whatever veg time you took…if you’re 8 weeks from sprout you’re about where I am on my first grow and I feel I have at least a month left maybe 6 weeks …you have to go by the pistils when the redden and recede and then you check the thrichomes (clear, cloudy or amber) with a microscope to tell when you harvest

Nice grow you have there. You have quite some time to go . Lots of white pistols and size to go before :harvesting. The fact that your at eight weeks says your on on your way. Each grow can vary by weeks, but your weeks away. Keep checking your buds.
. looks good happy growing :rofl: :bat: