Sending Cash for Seeds


Yeah for sure it was a great deal I wasn’t even going to order beans just yet was looking to get ideas for next grow and found it @Zombo
Couldn’t resist lol
Thanks bro I can’t wait to get them going but I just went into flower and have no choice lol :joy:


My delivery arrived today. Thank you very much ILGM, We will be doing this again for sure.


Happy growing @zeuss000! :smiley:


That is solid gold information for me! I don’t buy seeds because I’m worried about being caught (my ak47 auto was bought by a friend who live in another country :wink:) but now I need to do it personally so I will look into that…
I’m still worried about when it will arrive in my country. Any thoughts @ILGM.Support.Roy
PS It is not illegal to own seeds because are considered souvenirs but I’m worried about a investigation if them are intercepted.


@ktreez420 are you using an international prepaid travel debit/credit card??? Thanks :grimacing:


I think you can get something like that… If I will be able to get one of that, here in world 3 :joy:, definitely you can get one in the US


Hey @M4ur,

arrival times is not something we can promise cause it’s beyond our influence. But to US generally the latest is 3 weeks and to Australia (furthest) the very latest is 5 weeks.

I also can’t state anything about your customs processes but generally those agencies are too busy to bother with a few seeds.




Thx for that info @ILGM.Support.Roy. I’m not a US citizen… My concern is about stealth packaging…
Also if they scan it will show up the seeds?


We don’t discuss packaging online. But I can say that if customs equipment was a huge issue, seedbanks would be out of business.


That is good enough for me. I don’t want to know how the package will look because if I know definitely THEY will know :grin:
My concern is about stealth only…
Thx for your time @ILGM.Support.Roy


This site is 100% legit !
I have purchased over $450 worth of seeds in the past three years and no problems. I did loose one shipment to customs but they sent me a replacement order and it came through all right. Sending cash sounded like a bad idea but I needed seeds and I heard the genetics here were great. I had no problem getting my seeds then or ever !

ILGM ! ! !


ILGM received my mailed money that was mailed 4 days ago and I now am awaiting a present coming soon. This site is definitely legiit ! Can’t wait for my Northern Lights and GDP, they are next up after Ms. Skywalker moves to the curing jars.


@TxGrowman I with you! I sent cash for the first time and I’m waiting on my blue dream to arrive. My previous order of gold leaf came so this site is 100% legit. No joking they will do you right. just follow what they say.
The support group that you’re in communication with his excellent too. I’ve had, so far, great results with delivery. Waiting to try the seeds once the Blue Dream arrive.
So anyone considering ordering seeds from the site I would say to feel confident in doing so.


I just wanted to post a follow-up. My blue dream arrived yesterday! When my current grow is finished I’ll start to turn it around and give them a try. So excited. It’s my all-time favorite. Never had the pleasure to grow it but I do now! thanks ilgm.
I wanted to post this for anyone who is on the fence regarding ordering seeds. I want to first state that I have no affiliation with ilgm other than being a member on the Forum before I made my first purchase.
Ilgm is 100% legitimate! They are a completely honest and reputable company. I actually sent them cash! They received it and they sent me my seeds. They came in discreet packaging and in a timely manner. Only took 12 days after receiving the confirmation that they received my money. Not only are they honest and reputable and you get your product in a timely manner, but their support staff is amazing, also. They respond to all questions that you ask and they do it in a timely manner. All I can say is I love this website, I love the Forum, and now I can’t wait to try their seeds. If you’re on the fence about ordering seeds, do it! You won’t regret it. If you’re considering ordering with cash, I know it sounds crazy at first, but trust me it actually works! All around great company. Great group of people here on the Forum and at ilgm. overall 100% happy with my experience thus far. Take care and happy growing everyone.


I sent cash and received my seeds in 24 total days. That’s the fastest that I ever got them.