Sending Cash for Seeds


you have to call your credit card company and let them know you are ordering something overseas. I had the same thing happen the first time i used my CC. This year I just called and told them im placing a order overseas for said dollar amount…the seed came very quickly.


That’s what I have always done. I usually put it in a cheap greeting card and write the number on the inside of the card as well.


Sometimes because it is an overseas transaction your bank may not recognize it. If you call your bank and tell them that you have an overseas transaction they should let it go through. Trust me I have places 2 orders with my credit card and I have received both orders within 25 days after they confirmed my order.


Yeah I have to send it through the bank as I’m in the UK and it was not easy, to start with my bank wouldn’t do it, I had to ring the bank, I was pretty worried as it’s illegal in the UK but it was okay they did it as car parts but for some reason it’s from China , and when it was accepted I had charges for the change from $ to £ , which didn’t happen with the first lot of seeds that I got from them, but that was probably my banks fault


Another successful cash purchase
Sent cash from NY and It was received in 7 business days at IGLM 20 minutes after receiving email confirmation that payment was received I got a second saying seeds are shipped
I have no worries that seeds will arrive and should customs stop them I have :100:% faith in the staff at IGLM will make it right
they are A FANTASTIC BUNCH :v:️️:+1:
Thanks again guys and gals for the wonderful job as always


I’ve tried green dot twice and never went through,kept saying the transaction could not be completed, and tried to call and free up international purchases, to no avail so
They received it in 7 days and by the 14 business day the was in my box


I sent my cash on the 3rd of this month and haven’t heard anything since so am hoping it turns up pretty soon, I did send it registered mail so should be OK. Good to see yours has arrived .


I live in Aus ILGM got my money thru post in 2.5 weeks but as yet I haven’t got my seeds that was 3.5 weeks ago


I’m in Aus also mate, Monday will be 2 weeks for me since i sent the $$ so not to concerned at the moment, Sucks that they don’t do free re-sends to here like they to do USA, gotta wonder if they know something that we don’t maybe customs are a bit smarter here than over there.Anyway hopefully your package will arrive soon, Bit nerve wracking aint it, First time i have used ILGM but i have had seeds come through OK from other mobs so should be all good.


I live on east coast of AUS ILGM received my cash thru post in just over 2 weeks that was almost 4 weeks ago and still no package. Patience isn’t one of my virtues can anyone in AUS confirm they got their seeds and I paid the extra $25 for definate delivery or rob or clair if u see this message can u guarantee my delivery cause there’s nothing worse than being stooped.


Hopefully they are not like Bonza, Used to buy from them until i realized that what they are doing is not sending the first delivery and waiting until you ask for the re-send then they send that, it saves them loosing $$ if the first send goes missing somehow. Bunch of DICKS. They lost me and a few of my mates when we figured out what they were doing, none of us were getting our first delivery but the second usually came through tho sometimes the second was picked up by customs, Between us we were buying several thousands of dollars worth of seeds a year, Very rare for a postal delivery to just vanish these days and you always know if customs have picked it up as the parcel does arrive but covered in yellow customs tape, Then be ready fro a knock on the door by your local coppers.
Hope yours comes through OK mate.


Hey @nick1 I know @Coltfire and @BondPacker both grew some ilgm seeds this season , so maybe they could help ease your mind


Did you get a shipping confirmation email from them as well? @zeuss000

Ilgm is a legit and reputable business.


Hi Mate, No i have no issue with ILGM, i am sure they are very reputable, My issues were with Bonza, you would think with large orders especially over $1000 they would give you tracking info but conveniently no. I am still waiting for conformation that the $$ i sent have arrived here but not to concerned at this stage, i sent it registered so should be all good, only been 2 weeks and it s a long way to travel.


Ive had seed orders twice off ILGM, first one came through fine in 3-4 weeks. Always going to take longer coming out to Aus. Second order didn’t come through within the 3-4 weeks so I emailed the customer help team and they reshipped straight away and I got my seeds in the next few weeks. I can guarantee you that its a great site with some great genetics on offer, if you email the customer service team it should be sorted. Remember, seeds are confiscated at customs a lot unfortunately so its possible this has happened and they will be happy to reship


Hey Zeuss! Wow that’s just horrible practice. We’re never happy when a shipment doesn’t arrive but we always ship when we say we do. To Australia it sometimes takes up to five weeks to arrive so there’s no need for worry yet :slight_smile:


Just received confirmation that my cash has arrived and the seeds are on the way, good stuff. Now the nerve-wracking wait begins. Thank you ILGM. Much appreciated


Exactly 10 days after receiving shipping confirmation
My 20 gold leaf beans where in my mail box
Thanks ahi to the wonderful staff @ Iglm for the great job that makes two cash purchases with out a problem
Thanks guys for everything


Hi @zeuss000 AMS Support Team is our payment handler :slight_smile:


@Countryboyjvd1971, that was a good price for gold leaf with the sale ILGM had!.. I was gonna get them but thought thy may be too tall to grow and my pruning, cropping and lst has never been used before so I held back… Good luck with those beans