Sending Cash for Seeds


Howdy Folks, I was just wondering if many of you send ILGM cash to pay for seeds and whether you have had any issues with the money going missing at all. I am in Australia so it’s a fair way for the money to travel.
Have a great day y’all


I use cash all the time for ILGM. Just follow the shipping instructions and put it in aluminum foil and mail. Have never had the money not make it. I have ordered about 5-6 times. Always good seed genetics.


Only placed 1 order so far, didn’t have any issues. And their seeds are top notch :ok_hand: you won’t be disappointed.

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Yeah, I was worried at first, but all went extremely well with them, I sent cash in foil inside valentine card, sent it just regular mail, not even registered…
Seeds came fine 98 % germination rate, so far outgrowing every other seed bank…
I will be ordering again !!!

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@TxGrowman, not to seem stupid but why the alum foil? I would think that brings more attention, if letter is scanned? I am close to placing order from ILGM and would follow your lead as it seems like it’s working.


Thanks guys, Seems like the way to go.


Just what it said on the instructions.


I think the aluminum foil goes with people’s paranoia of rfid chips and bar codes that can be scanned with special machinery tracking US currency.

plus what @TxGrowman said, it’s in the instructions.

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@TxGrowman, @kabongster… I printed info out tonight and it says to put it in a card, happy birthday etc w/ aluminum foil. I will do what directions say to make sure it gets there…

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Ive got a question on this why cash at all i used my card seeds got here fast but i guess its because i live in a legal state i dont worry much

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for me, it’s less of a paper trail

partly it’s the mystery of the deal buying mmj seeds though the mail from a foreign country sending cash adds…this may be as close to gambling that I get we have 2 casinos in state I don’t visit and lottery tickets I don’t buy. I say gambling, but sending cash has better odds than a slot machine or a deck of cards. The odds your cash will get there is near 100%, you come out the winner.

and there’s a 10% discount for cash, that makes me think…I assume…they like a cash deal at their end. Not a big savings by the time stamps are bought and time involved is considered but all part of the game I call my hobby…
the word salvation comes to mind, but it’s too dramatic a word…a choir sings, the sun shines, a smiling godly face fills my soul…but it is an escape to a more peaceful place.

so I send cash because I want to.


Hello @zeuss000
I sent cash :moneybag: no worries
They received it in five days from NY
I received a email confirmation with Oder #
And a second that stated seeds shipped
I had them 10 buisness days later
Just follow the instructions given to you and you’ll be fine these guys are the real deal 100% legit my friend
Good luck and happy growing

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I sent cash because it makes me feel like an outlaw :slight_smile:


I dont want anyone to think im knocking it just wanted to see what everyone thinks
Have a great day everyone


For me @Brian091180 I did cash for the same reason as @kabongster paper trail
If I placed a larger order I would most likely use my cc but a small order I’d rather not have to call bank etc

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I order with credit card and have never had any issues, and I live in a non-legal state.

Easiest way to do it, you buy a prepaid credit card for however much you’re going to be spending on the seeds. Place your order, and give them that prepaid card number. I just don’t trust sending cash, but all these guys have proven that you can, and it works!



I have a bad or good habit of never using cash for anything that way i can track all money money im ocd lol

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Didnt think about prepay card good idea Treez :palm_tree:


Howdy Folks, Before i started this thread i had already tried paying with my visa card, now i know how much success you all have had with cash payments i think i will do that from now on. Thing is, I have just received an email that is a bit vague but seems to be from ILGM. It states
"Dear customer,We regret to inform you that your payment has been declined.
Please select an alternative payment method.
Kind regards
AMS support team
There is no mention of ILGM but it is from Amsterdam so i am assuming that it is from here but when i look at my order status it says “order pending” not cancelled or any mention of the above email so i am not sure whether i should just send the cash, i don’t really want to send the bucks and then the money vanishes from my visa account as well. Does anyone know if the email i received was because the payment was declined by my bank or declined by ILGM? Cheers, Jed


@TxGrowman, They say don’t include any paperwork. What do you do, just write order# on piece of paper and wrap it in alum foil w/ cash?