Semos Candy cane auto's second grow in coco

I’ve got my second grow up and growing. Here is the info, canna coco coir with 40% perlite using sensi coco grow AB by advanced nutrients, seeds were bought from crop king they are candy cane autos. They were started in rapid rooter and transplanted on 12-31-19 they are being feed 4-6 ounces of water at 6.0 ph with calmag 1ml per liter. temp is 80 and humidity of tent around 60% although they are under domes. They are under mars hydro ts1000 100% and lights on 24/7. I am looking for anyone with experience with coco for advice. Wish me luck.


I got you buddy. Coco is all I grow in. Been doing it for close to 4 years now. Just give me time to answer cause I work a lot to get someone attention just put the @ in front of name @semo63936

I’m gonna tag along for the ride, if you don’t mind. Set to watching :+1::+1::+1::+1::v:

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Yup im here and watching. Candy cane has a nice read up… :drooling_face::drooling_face:

Set to watching bud. Excited to see how they come out.

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Just a quick update, no need for pictures as not much has changed. RH is around 60%, still under domes, temps in mid 70’s. watering about a 1/4 liter per plant with 1ml calmag. started today with coco sensi coco grow AB at 200 ppm with 6.0 ph water. plants look healthy with very little growth on the top side. all is on wait and see mode.

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Everything seems to be on cruise with the candy cane auto’s, 14 days from sprouting. I’ve got one that is not looking so hot but it is holding it’s own. I’m feeding 400 ppm in at 6.0 ph and I’m not really checking the ppm out yet. Did some LST last night and the seemed to respond well to it. These plants seem to have more stretch than my white widow autos at this age. As of now 3 of 4 seem to be happy.

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Day 26 since sprouting. Feeding 500 ppm in once a day. Advanced nutrients sensi coco gros AB. Seems to be on cruise.


Plants are looking good :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :v: