I have successfully grown Jack Herer autoflowering by a window with a 75 watt COB overhead. I recently purchased Critical Mass CBD seeds and upgraded to a 450 watt LED. I’ve been using Happy Frog potting soil and fertilizer – the same formulas I used for my Jack Herer. LIght was originally about 24 inches from the top of the plant, but I lowered it to about 12-14 as it started to flower. Lighting schedule was 18/6, but just a few days ago I switched it to 12/12 to see if that improves things.

So, here is the Critical Mass CBD at 38 days. It’s flowering, but there are no buds to speak of. I’m about to give up – any thoughts?

Keep your light on as much as you can, up to 20hr with a 4hr off rest.

Your plant is young still give it time to bulk up. Your flowers hairs (pistils) will turn orange and when they mostly turn orange you can start to ask us about if it’s ready to harvest.

Do you have a tds and a PH meter? Have you been feeding Ph’d water/feed?
Have you taken run off TDS numbers?
Your going to need to feed from this point on to build flowers.
Your 38 days in to flower or from seed?

See how spread out your nodes are, sets of branches off the main stock, this shows thst the plant should have received more light in vegetative stage. It’s still fine though, your learning everyone’s first grows are very amateur and produce little to no bud =p

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Nutrients? Boosts are said to help induce flowering.stuff like 0-27-27 in my line

Good that there’s still hope. I’ve been using Fox Farm Grow Big and Big Bloom. I dilute it according to instructions and then alternate every three days between the two, adding one cup of diluted mixture at a time. I also have Tiger Bloom, but I haven’t added that to the mix yet. PH has been a steady 6/7.

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Ppm measurements of run off will give you an idea of how it’s eating. And run off ph can help you adjust to a more specific ph. Would go as high as 7 unless runoff was low like 5.5. being low for soil

Run off will give you an accurate tds/ppm however PH should be given at 6.3-6.8 with 6.5 being the ideal /standard, if your water is under 150ppm there is no need to PH the water on water only days as there is not enough potential hydrogen to significantly hold the PH / change the medium.

Your PH in soil can be tested by taking a soil slurry sample, use distilled water for this process.
Run off PH will give a false reading.

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Oh, and 38 days from seed.

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When you get to 70 your more around the time of harvest roughly… You’ll need a USB microscope to actually tell they are cheap on amazon. They are all the same