Self watering systems

Hello. I’m thinking about switching to a self watering system. Preferably the AC infinity self watering bases. I grow in living soils. I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations or advice. I also hear a lot about Blumat?


I have used two different auto watering systems.

First was the halo top watering system. It worked ok but I really not a fan for several reasons

I’m currently using the Autopot self watering system. “Love it”.

Assume the ACI system is similar but I think I’ve seen post on the ACI system and the “wicks” having an issue. May wanna do searches to see what people have said in the past.

But, so far I love my Autopot system


I’ll second the Autopots. There is really nothing easier to run than this system.


I have the ACI self watering bases, and they work great, but there is still a bit of maintenance to them.

Here is a post I made the other day with someone asking about them as well. I


AC Infinity has recently updated their website with technical and maintenance tips for the self watering bases.

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I also use autopots with success, they really are the ultimate cheat code fir growing cannabis imho.

But thry don’t work well with living soil or organics at all really.
I imagine any bottom wicking system would struggle in the same way.
Living soil or organics typically require top dressing and that’s not possible from the bottom.

Most people that use autopots use synthetic nutrients with an inert medium like coco-coir and perlite.

They are ridiculously easy to grow monster plants with minimal effort though :grin:


I haven’t used either ACI or auto pots, so I can’t comment directly on those two systems.

I use a SIP method, sub-irrigated planter. Earthbox is supposed to be a good brand if you want to buy one. I did a DIY version with a tote from HD. Much cheaper and easy to build. The ACI bases are the “bottom half” of a SIP and your fabric pots are the “top half”. If you’re looking at an automatic style, I highly recommend you do a quick google search on SIPs. Lots of people use them for veggies and other plants.

I run living soil in the tote and it’s a bottom-wicking style, works great. I top dress and every 2 to 3 weeks and just water it in from the top. Any bottom-up watering system can still have top watering occasionally, whether it’s for top dressing or another reason.

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I have both AutoPots and ACInfinity bases. They really serve different purposes.

The AutoPots are designed for constant bottom feeding of your plant. It keeps the growing medium damp all the time so not really compatible with an organic soil grow. The plant(s) will be fed as long as the water in the reservoir holds out. With big enough reservoir you could be gone three weeks or more.

The ACI bases are designed for top feeding and will work well with organic soils. The base can hold about one gallon of additional water to give you a few more days between watering. The bases aren’t designed for feeding your plant, just collecting runoff and getting a few extra days between watering by filling the base.