Selective pruning and lolli-popping (Flowering)


Two questions:

  1. **Does lolli-popping increase yield, in terms of grams? How many nodes do you leave **
  2. What happens to the axillary shoot if its fan leaf is cut off and if the axillary shoot is cut off what happens to the fan leaf?

This is in its 2nd week of flowering, thing is im thinking about cutting off selected fan leaves (the fan leaves which are facing inwards of the foliage) so i have better light penetration below. ( hence the question no.2). There is alot of bunching and transpiration going on in the thickness, and some leaves are even wet when i open the grow room.

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this is the part that has so many different opinions…

I think it does and helps to stop mold from forming…I set my first trellis net at 18 inches and second at 36…when she starts to stretch in flower I strip everything below the 18 inch trellis

cutting the fan will still allow the shoot to grow but if you cut the shoot the fan will remain but no shoot will grow there again
I do my Lolli popping in the second week of flower and then after that only select fan leaves…and yes if the leaf is pointing in just remove it to let light in…


and you want to stop this because this is how mold starts, thinning helps with this so air circulates


I personally don’t think so. What it seems to me is that it transfers the weight from several smaller buds to fewer bigger buds.
The suppliers very often advertise how many grams per sq ft or sq meter you can expect. They are seldom accurate for the average grower but it is a pretty solid limit. That is what to focus on, the amount of canopy exposed to the light’s sweet spot.

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Thankyou, that clears up alot of things. I don’t know if i was thinking right or not but i started cutting off the axillary shoots and let the fan leaf remain (because i believed the cannabis plant will cannibalize these leaves when/ if it needs to in a rough spot).

Lolli popping gets rid of a lot of ’ larf, popcorn buds’ and makes her concentrate on the tops more…so this is the better yield for me to not have to deal with the small stuff…but if you want to include more of the smaller buds then do not lollipop…

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You can take a few leaves off in the middle u want open it up to allow light to penetrate the canopy

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Differing opinions here. I believe it does make a difference. Included some light reading on the topic. Not lollipopping and having a bunch of smaller popcorn buds vs having some pretty massive main cola bud sites will produce different yields. When I lollipop and keep the main cola count from 6-10 per plant. This allows her to put more into just those sites. I also do not grow the same way every time, every plant. I just got back into it but my old methods are tried and true and still relevant today. Just have to learn new lingo.

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