Selection Help for an Autoflower

Of the ILGM auto’s, which strain would you choose, based on yield and quality of final product based on your experience with these strains?


One more question for indoor auto’s; when it states “yields 4 to 6 oz per 3x3ft”, how many plants is that in a 3x3?

My favorite auto grow was Blueberry. Here is a photo of two of the three

It was a straight forward no fuss grow. The dry weight of the three was just over 275 grams.
I try to have four plants, autos or photos in my 3x3. Sometimes, like the BB, it doesn’t work out.


So your three bonsai tree’s produced about 3.25 oz each. Thank you. Was looking at the Jack Herer auto until I read on here someone was disappointed with the yield. Hard for me to choose.

Sometimes it doesnt work, as stated. You may end up having an auto that gets that big itself.

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This is a jack herer auto I am calling bathroom jack(ie) because that is where she is growing

I am playing around with a different training technique for learning purposes. She looks solid and healthy to me.
Today is day 46 and seeing first signs of flower. This is 20 days later than with some other autos I have grown.

I have also grown white widow. The strain that I started with. For me it was a good choice to start with. Very forgiving given my lack of knowledge and the mistakes I did not know I made. This is the last one I grew. It was a solo bathroom grow again. She was much different in stature from the other nine I grew previously (shorter & denser) at around only 16" - 3 oz

I also tried my hand at amnesia haze. A little more challenging strain. Produced well once I got things squared away. Because I didn’t ph and over fertilized I lost one during early flower. Three survived my indiscretions. This is two of them. The three weighed in at just under 10 oz.


Thanks, I certainly am at the “I have a huge learning curve still ahead of me” stage. Appreciate the help.

The two most vigorous I have grown so far is Gold Leaf and Girl Scout Cookies. Both Autos.


I accidentally received seeds in a Charlotte’s Web bud that was given to me, decided to see what happens, never grew before, and now I’m hooked. It’s been a blast as all of you know, and I need to grow something with “octane”. :ok_hand:t2::grin::call_me_hand:t3:

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