Seems like a ilgm male...wth

Any opinions here…best pic i could get. First time indoor dude…20+ yrs outside. Male preflower seems at crutch of plant. One spot only, opinions?

Going to be dissapointed if i got a male from a feminized photo seed, thanks in advance for whoever took there time to check this out…thought these seeds were feminized!

A little early but it seems to be a female. Time will tell in about 1 week or less. :+1:


Feminized seeds are like 99.98 percent chance of being a female. One in a rare while you’ll get a dude. To early to tell still but chances are its female


I hope so guys, i only got a 4x4 so real estate is tight, but thanks for your input. They are even 18/6 still but that is certainly a preflower. Thanks again guys


This help? Generally balls come in pairs.

I familiar with the standard look…just this one is different…almost has that “ball on a stick look” with a tiny leaf starting. But it is early, i just know it aint got that teardrop female look im used to. There is also like three different male style preflowers. But this kinda looks different from everything i seen. My best looking plant too

The away shot

@Poseidon1 From seeing so many pictures on this forum alone…ILGM seeds are just superior…in almost every stage of their growth even the “sex showing” stage…that 3-5 days where each time you check your plant you’re almost certain you see what it’s showing you….however…these ILGM seeds are on full blast from day one imho…even the females are so swollen from the very first starting stage of them beginning to mature they’re like on full blast…

If in 2 days if that isn’t a swollen female calyx with a white hair coming out then yea sure I’ll be a monkeys uncle

If in 2 days it really is a dude…then my friend you stand at a crossroads…complain to customer service, show them proof of purchase, they’ll GLADLY send you more seeds OR maybe you just scored a male plant from one of if not the best pot breeders in the world….

Good luck with your decision


I have an outdoor plant that’s doing that exact thing right now. What I thought were male preflower a forming, turned into 2 random ass branches. They’re over an inch long today and have a fan leaf and the start of another branch.

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@MrPeat so im convinced but not positive, it is new leaf growth at where the preflower forms. After alot of research, i have found pictures of people who had these odd new leaf growth spots during veg. It has grown a bit more and def does not resemble the spade look, or the hopeful teardrop. But a little more confident that it is still female. I will update everything once i know for sure, im certainly going to clear ilgm lol. Ive had nothing but good experiences with ilgm, just this one case, stumped me!

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