Seem to be really stretching for light

Ok so I’ve been here for a little over a week and the suggestion and tip are very helpful now my issue is first I had what y’all call a burple light then went to a straight white light and now my plant looks like it is stretching to get the light I dont want it to close to burn leaves but if to far it tends to grow up not out need plz any suggestion

Third picture is the girl that is stretching the most. She needs more light.
You’ll need to purchase additional lighting when you get past the veg phase into flowering.
Flowering requires the most light. @Bdnwzbdboy

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I went back to the original light I started with cause I was told the blue red light was no good so I ordered a all white light she is the only plant since I’m new to growing Cannabis and would like to see the fruit if my labor but all pics are of the one plant and the strain is blue hawiian if that would help the light that is in pics is a 100watt plant light from Lowe’s

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You’re probably better off using the light in the first two pictures. It appears to be putting off more useful light for the plant since it’s not “reaching” under the blurple. But it’s hard to say without specs of the two lights.

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So the blue and red light is a philzon 600watt led with veg and bloom setting with uv and ir and the white light I’m using now is a Lowe’s plant light that is 100watt and the one I have on the way is Lonwon 1000w led grow light all white light

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I would use the LED for now until your other light arrives. That plant light is okay for things like small herbs and flowers but cannabis wants a LOT more light than it’s putting off.

And if the blurple light does have a veg and bloom switch on it, you could just use that for the whole grow if you wanted to. Because, if your 1000 watt light is all daylight light, you will need more of the red part of the spectrum to flower your plant.

So I assume you are suggesting running both lights even when the new one comes in . I have seen some of the pics of other growers in the forum and I notice some run both some run one or the other does that make a difference in the stage of my girl the more light the healthier the plant ?

You can run either, or both. But if you run the 1000 watt, you will need to probably run both for flower, if the 1000 watt is all white light. Flowering plants require more of the red spectrum. The blue only spectrum will not allow your plants to flower properly. But you can run both the 1000 and 600 watt for the entire grow, if you choose too. Just keep in mind, the higher intensity of both lights, you’ll have to raise them up more.

Also, running both lights will allow for more vigorous growth and an overall bigger plant and larger yeild.

make do with the Philzon for this grow and send back the Lonwon.!!

these cheap china lights r not good, save up for good or great lighting,
u and your plants will be much happier with good lights.!

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So after last weeks recommendation of going to HLG you went out and bought another cheap China LED? You are wasting your time and money going down the cheap route.

I exchanged for the white which was cheaper and as I stated I am doing this on a low budget so any recommendations for a decent light for less than 150.00 will be a gud help

You can get a single board setup with HLG 288V1 for a bit over 100. You would be better off starting with that then the crap you are dealing with on amazon.

A single board would be more than adequate and powerful enough to veg and most importantly flower a plant 2x2 space.

  • 1 x QB288V1 board with heatsink (from HLG) - $66
  • 1 x HLG120h-54A (from OnlineMeanwell) -$42
  • spare computer electrical cord
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I have a 4x2 x5 tent so would that be gud enuff light for veg and flower I’m trying to cut cost where ever so if I can get snuff light for the two staged then I probably try to pull something out of the hat

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Off topic here but I noticed there were no drain holes in your buckets or maybe just on the bottom. I’d suggest drilling some holes up the sides also to help with drainage

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It would not allow for you to fully utilize 4x2 but would be more than enough for a single plant 2x2 grow. The other lights you have been dealing with do not put nearly as much light as the HLG and are much less efficient adding heat. You could always upgrade by adding another board set-up when you wanted to make the next investment.


This kit is exactly what I am suggesting, but you would have to supply the connectors, powercord and hangers. Check out the specs for yourself:


These guys have you pointed in the right direction. I tried to cheap out on lighting by buying dollar store led bulbs and spent over 200 just on bulbs to get me into late veg. Before I stopped messing around and built my own lights with the help of this site my grows back on track and 1000x better than it would have been