Seeking help with autoflower grow

Hello growers. I am new to indoor growing and an 3 weeks into my grow of blueberry. I have noticed some discolouration in the leaves and noticing the more mature leaves curling down. My ph is right and I am currently using Medi one any suggestions?

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Mine did that when I watered them and left the water on the leaves. I think the droplets act as a magnifying glass and burns them a little.


Could be heat…Lights too close will do that.
Do you have a thermometer you can place on the soil…
Or hold your hand palm down just barely touching the top of the plant. If it gets hot after 10 seconds or so you need to back off.
And welcome to the forum…you will get lots of help here

Looks like an overwatering issue. How much and how often are you watering?

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I have the temperature at 22 inside my tent. I am watering it about every 4 days with a gallon of water at 6.2 ph and starting light with medi one with 2 ml per gallon. I have the light sitting 3 feet about the top of the plant. Thanks for the reply !

Best spot for soil is 6.5ph…range is 6.3 to 6.8
22c (71.6f) is ok but could be a little warmer during day…75 to 80 Fahrenheit
A full gallon at that size is probably a bit much…maybe 32 to 40 oz might be better.
My full grown blueberry auto only needs 1/2 gallon every 3 to 4 days


Okay cool, I will slow down on the watering and hopefully will see those spots go away! Thanks for the help