Seeking advice . Not sure of the problem

Did u use Florakeen or Sledgehammer or some ‘flushing agent’? If not thats a low amount of water to be flushing with…

If flushing to correct ph, it may look to balance it but its not enough to correct off balance soil.

If flushing to clear ppms. Urs are still high so id keep flushing til under 400 and then feed at whatever schedule you were at or heading towards.

If flushing just because ur going to flower, u still wanna do both those things above.

Long story short. If flushing without a flushing agent it takes minimal of 3-5 gallons of water in a 5 gallon pot.

@PurpNGold74,@BigDaddyCain, We were flushing to see if we could determine why the leaves were turning yellow. This am while checking the calibration My meter took a nose dive and ceased to function, can’t even turn it on.

:man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5: When it rains… man that :poop: luck. Ordering a new one? Or can u scoop it locally?

@PurpNGold74, Well a city this size I should be able to find one somewhere.

@joep Ok 3+ on ec is high u want the ec at around .9-1.3 and that will mean you have flushed almost all of the salts out of system but the pics look good so I would just do plain ph water and ph it to 6.8 6.3 in soil in my opinion is low but I don’t grow soil any more but I know 6.8 is good point in soil @GreenJewels will have better num for that but do 6.8 for the next two watering and the ec should drop down a lot and you want ph to be 6.8 in and 6.6-6.8 out then go back to feeding 1/4-1/2 str keep the ppm around 625-650 so ec 1.3-1.7. I like useing ppm better then ec but the numbers are true either way also flush with 3x the amount of water it would take to feed exp. it you water with 1 gal then flush is 3 gallons if u use a addictive to flush like slugehammer or what ever but if you are plain water ph then it is 5x amount so 1 gal feed 5 gallon flush and you have to have ph dead nuts on no play room on that if you are flushing

Sorry, busy day with puppy at the vet. pH for soil 6.3-6.9 with 6.5 being target. Unless your in promix promix pH is lower
Your pH pen should have a removable and replaceable head. A new head may take care of it. I’d contact apera customer service. Ya never know, they may help you out. :grinning::v::green_heart:

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Ty @GreenJewels so @joep there’s your answer for proper ph in soil but in flush you want it where I said then when you feed you put it to the 6.5

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It be snow in them there hills! Ur getting there Joe. We both are


Looks good what’s the run off at ph and ppm wise

Watering info!! Priceless thank you broh! Greeny like myself willtake that knowledge to room :+1::v:

This I didn’t know I’ve been having my fan blowing right into my girls now I will fix so it bounces off wall. That’s why I love reading these threads


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