Seek advice on "no bud" Gold Leaf outdoors

Hi - I have included a picture of a Gold Leaf plant grown outdoors for past 4 months.

I live in Sydney, Australia so currently in the middle of summer.

No buds have appeared on the plant although it appears healthy - is this ok?

Is there something I need to do to make buds appear or sit tight?


Welcome to the forum.
That plant looks healthy to me but Ill tag some experienced growers to help with your questions.
@Nicky @Cannabian @Arrow @repins12 @AAA

We are all on different time zones so replies are staggered but well worth waiting for.


Thank-you Fergus

i guess it is a fem. plant and not an Autoflowering, and you are growing outdoors under the sunlight

light hours in sidney are now 13h so she wont go into flower yet.
as soon as you have less than 12h of daylight she will start flower, propably around march.


I would definitely be transplanting her into a little bit bigger container so she doesnt get root bound at the last second. She’s a beautiful plant though…nice grow


I’m with imsickkid, just make sure there are no porch lights on her at night that might disturb the dark period and she will flower when cued by the light cycle.


I’m with the above :point_up_2::point_up_2: you have been covered… Looks like a healthy plant :sunglasses::v:


Good advice above.

If you can bring it inside after 12hr of light, and place it somewhere in the dark then you can force flower.

Otherwise you could build a basic shelter for it that is light proof out of a Tarp, some cardboard and something for a large frame like wood or whatever else.

Some people get very large garbage cans and then they cover their plants early on before they get to big.

You live in a good climate so you can just keep growing it with a transplant like mentioned above. Hopefully you have some nutrients for flowering when it does start regardless of when it does.