Seek advice on loupe and trich?

Sup every one so I’ve grown a couple times I’ve never used a loupe to check trichomes before used to go off pistils. I have all milky trikes and I saw a few amber. So the question is. How fast do these amber develop? I’d like to harvest half amber half milky. Appreciate the help

Sometimes amber can happen overnight, but most generally will only happen after all of the trichomes are white, not milky.

Ok so they are white mostlikely I just thought they used the term milky

So basically they can all turn amber overnight it’s not subtle? I appreciate you man you’ve helped me with quite a few things.

Not all just some. It’s subtle, as they turn white, but if you look at white trichomes, the next phase will be amber. Some strains never really amber. Especially sativa dominant, seems like. Don’t count that as a fact. Just an observation from a grower. Someone else may have a different opinion.
Any time, happy to help, happy growing.


Thanks buddy ima go back out when my hands aren’t so shaky was hard to get a good view this morning


Trichomes are extremely difficult to photograph. No worries.

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Something that has helped me that might help you.
If you have a loupe that pivots out. Slide your fingers into the other part so itll be like a ring or such on your fingers to help steady it. Take your phone and open up your camera. Place the zoom on about 1.2x … slide the lense of the loupe over your camera lense and look at your phone screen til the right, clear photo appears and snap a pic. After that, pull up the photo on your phone and zoom in on the pic/bud. Shoukd be able yo get in there and see some clear trich pics


@Covertgrower Hey brother. Glad to see the advice. I am using a handheld microscope for the first time. I am getting better but it is a learning curve. I feel like the tricomes on my one girl are close to all white. Was wondering also how quick to expect to see amber? I am starting to see a few more spots of bud rot so I know it is a matter of days at this point. Also, was thinking about taking some of the bigger colas and leave some of the smaller ones.

You can, but I still recommend chopping all of them. Reduces risk.
Oops, after they’re all white, about a week, every plant is different though.

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Ok. Have always done that in the past. Thanks for all the help brother. Happy harvest.