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Hello everyone, i am asking perhaps foolish question but i dont have any options left. So heres what im asking for, i curently live in Lithuania which is in europe, second thing is that it is strictly forbidden any marijuana activities so that means i cant order seeds because i would go to jail if those seeds are found. I was looking for seeds to order but those packages are so provocative and there are no chances to get through with it. So i am asking if anyone could send me your own seeds( for a price of course) that wouldnt be in provocative package. Also maybe anyone knows trustable sites where it is safe to order them? Any info is welcome. :v: btw u dont risk anything by sending them, in my country that doesnt matter, the only thing that matters is that you ordered them and only you are responsible for it, no one is looking where did you ordered them. Sorry for my bad english​:v:

Just take a train to a legal country. Seeds should be about as easy as anything to get back home with discretely

Thats not quite an option for me. Plus its very expensive and time consuming.

This type of action is strictly forbidden on the forum. Please review forum policy

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@HerbGrower I really doubt anyone would send you seeds my friend… Unless they live in a legal area.

Plus I don’t think it’s allowed to ask that anyways that’s how people get in trouble. :man_shrugging:

Edit: @dbrn32 beat me to it

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