Seedsman orders recent?

I’m curious, has anyone ordered from seedsman and if so did they have issues, they had a great selection I’ll be ordering from ilgm next but I’m seeing allot of crazy stuff about seedsman anyone have any recent experience?

Remembering that this forum is sponsored by ILGM, I will admit I’ve ordered from them and been satisfied. Shipping can take a week or more once payment is processed so don’t be in a hurry.

I would urge you to consider the value of this forum to your growing endeavors and remember that it doesn’t run for free.


I haven’t ordered from them in a year, but when I did, I never had any issues.

Ok awesome thanks

I don’t guess I’m catching what the comment means

I’m only saying these guys sell seeds, too, and provide us this great forum at no cost. Wouldn’t hurt to support them if and when you can. That’s all.


and some high quality seeds as well…
ilgm has a full spectrum of seeds from afghani to lemon haze…


Ah ok, yeah. I didn’t know about them until after the order I had made im going to check these guys out for sure next. I just joined up recently.


I have never ordered from seedsman, but i know some people that have. All of the seeds were ok but some of my friends orders took up to six weeks to arrive… that’s the bulk of your flowing period lost in slow shipping :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s crazy, well guess iI be be watching it the window lol. Thanks it helps having some idea of what to expect

Well they came looked great took 11 days but customs did search it and repackage it and left a sticker showing contents ect. Lol I was sure they got them but they didn’t it was very slick the discreet shipping even with a customs search and repackage they didn’t find them lol. I obviously can’t describe the stealth shipping method but it worked. Im going to order from ilgm next though.