Seedsman Auto Lemon

You got that PS5 too right? Oooo weeeee is it everything its talked up to be?

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@Grizz718 dope, I’ll have to add you through acti

About midway through this week if flower. She’s starting to get a bit more thirsty again I noticed.


Sure wish my buds would start getting big like that :frowning:

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@Ocean Lol patience is a virtue. Besides your canopy is looking beautiful!!!

Thanks lol, I’m just wanting to see something happen…but when I look at like 5 days ago and compare to today I see it happening lol

Few days ago:



@Ocean so excited once they hit that net man

Keep those colas separated and keep a fan on it. I have had colas that close and if you don’t keep the air flow they can get mold. Had it happen.


@GFDuke thanks for the heads up bud!

Ps: was that for @Ocean or me?

@AZIrish That was for you.

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