Seedsman are they reputable?

Are they scammers or do they just have terrible customer service?

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My experiences with Seedsman have all been good.

Here’s a Seedsman blue mystic (not available from ILGM.)


I see growers here who have ordered seeds from them and grown nice plants.
Here is a few threads from the forum about different grows.
My thought is if ILGM has the seeds you want order from them. If not then Seedsman might be next. I am confident you will get seeds from them, but I have no experience to share about guarantees of viability.

I’ve had excellent results from them.

Cant get tracking info or an acknowledgement of any kind as to the status of the order after a week

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They were slow to give me updates - placed an order 6/29/21 and didn’t get tracking details until 7/16/21. No idea why - but everything arrived in fine shape. I haven’t ordered from them again, all other seed banks have been more communicative by a long shot.


I spent a lot of money at Seedsman back when I started growing. I have no complaints about any of their strains that I tried, but I had a big problem with their customer service. After a bunch of successful orders with no issue, I bought a pack of Six Shooter and Green Crack. The confirmation email had all the information correct. When I got a shipping notification a week and change later, I clicked on the tracking info and it showed some other destination, not my address. I emailed customer service and explained the situation. They assured me it was just a mistake in the system and that my package was on it’s way. Sure enough a few days later the tracking info changed to “delivered”, but I didn’t receive any package. I emailed again and explained everything. It took almost a week to hear back and all the response said was, “our system indicates that your package was delivered”. So I explained it all again, and it took another damn week for them to reply the same exact way, telling me everything on their end said I received my package. I got so pissed off I didn’t even bother trying again, I just stopped dealing with them.
Not for nothing, but if I ordered from ILGM and Seedsman on the same day, I could have the ILGM beans sprouted and growing around the same time Seedsman decides to print a shipping label, lol.


Good responses in here. I got my order in the amount of time expected and didn’t have to deal with them. Great plants though