These are my second batch. I still have one plant in the grow tent. It took me 2 and a half months to get this far because I was being to care full with water. Now because of little doses instead of spraying, they are 2 weeks old but slowly developing. soil is still nutrient free. I want to try and have them grow taller. Before when they looked like this, I moved them to the tent and they did not grow very tall, and they flowered early. Any suggestions


W need all the details about the type of seeds listed please: strain, feminized, regular, autoflower hybrid?


Yes. I remember posting with you, but not the specifics of your grow.

I must say. They look fine. Be patient.

Macg, my friend. I believe these are autos, by some recollection.


Wasn’t sure that is why I asked/stated. New thread, should be included with new pictures. You – my support ticket protocol loving friend, I’m sure can appreciate the sentiment, lol.


And yes, I don’t see anything out of the ordinary, they look like they are doing fine.


With autos, I’d think you’d want to get them into full strength or max strength light as soon as possible, keeping them in a 20/4 photo period nearly the entire life, maybe only going to 18/6 in the last half or last third of the overall grow period(seed to harvest expectation time period).


What should my lighting time and lighting strength in wattage be for seeds (and for how low long until I move them to the next phase) and same for the next phase please - what should my lighting strength be and lighting time per day after the seedling stage

Are there only these two stages or will I be changing the lights again?

Thank you very much


No matter the light, if you can find the exact specs for its lumens/FLUX per square foot (or the equivalent PAR for ‘red/blue only’ LEDs) you can use this as a loose guide:

Seedlings and clones require about 400-1000 lumens per square foot.

Vegetative growth requires about a minimum of 2,000 to 3,000 lumens per square foot.

Flowering requires about 5,000 to 10,000 lumens per square foot, ideally, and can take possibly much more.

10,000 lumens is supposed to be about the average power of the sun at sea level on a lightly cloudy/hazy day at high noon, or something like that, lol.

It’s not idea, but you can make do with 2000 lumens for an entire grow if necessary.

And I guess you can use this as a loose guide for autos:


I had a few plants inside not too long ago and they died because i waterd them to much and if you dont water them enough the same can happen basicly what i did i took my time and made a watering schedual mine is every other day and im useing a 5 gallon pot but in my grows i learned that the higher watt the light the better they will grow weed plants love light and it grows to the light


Wow. So it’s not as simple as having a 400 watt fluerescent for seeds and 1000 watt HPS for the rest of the grow… So I guess that means I might be able to go from 400-600watts in vegetative to 600-1000watts HPS for flowering … I’ll refer to the lumens/flux ratios you gave me tho. Thank you both


No, actually you don’t need that many lights and you don’t need to transition like that.

Let’s try to clear some of the misunderstanding up by comparing a 400 watt fluorescent to a 400 watt HPS. The HPS will have significantly higher lumens per watt than the fluorescent. A 400 watt HPS will have about an Initial lumens rating of 50,000 and a theoretical 400 watt fluorescent bulb will produce about 20,000 lumens. I’m not sure they actually make a 400 watt fluorescent, I couldn’t find any with a quick web search, but even two 250 watt Compact Fluorescent Lights will only be about 22,000 lumens.

However, because of physics and the inverse-square law – the intensity of the light is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source. What this means is that the intensity dramatically and geometrically drops off the further away the light is from the plant.

HPs lights are way too hot to be able to bring very close to the plant, and so in some instances the CFL will provide higher lumens per square inch for the plant if it is only a couple of inches away as opposed to the HPS needing to be many many inches away so as to not be too hot.

So you could use the CFL light for seedlings and vegetative growth and adjust the lumens by adjusting the distance you have the light from the plants, then when you go to a 600 watt or 1000 watt HPS for flowering, you start the light far away from the plants to acclimate them to the higher lumens and then slowly bring the light closer and closer, continuing acclimation to higher and higher lumens until you reach the maximum close distance you can bring it without burning the plant.

So it’s not as simple as having a 400 watt fluerescent for seeds and 1000 watt HPS for the rest of the grow

Why not? I have done this for years. 400watt MH for Veg. 1000 HPS for Flower. i even put seedlings under the 400 watt. I also have a cfl box, and 4 foot fluoros. I am currently waiting on my new 2’x2’ x 4lamp T5. Can’t wait to get that to play with. I will be doing a 4 lamp T5 ~vs~ 400 watt side by side, after I get some clones to work with.

I also have several other options, but I saw your post and wanted to ask you; Why not? Peace :slight_smile:


So you use 400 watt MH on seeds thru vegetation
And when flowering u switch to 1000 HPS. Nothing else. Ok.

What is the minimum HPS I can get away with? 600w? I guess you’ll recommend I get 1000 no matter what for

I’m ok I think now. Thank you so much guys! :slight_smile:


I am not recommending anything. Just stating facts. What HPS you can get away with is determined by the size SF of your grow space.

Approx. coverage.

250watt hps =2’ x 3’
400 watt hps = 4’ x 4’
600watt hps = 4’ x up to 6’
100 watt hps =6’ x 8’

Hope this helps.


Yup, use the square footage and the lumens as a loose or general guide to fit your specific requirements.

I personally use 3 x 13.8 watt led panels for seedlings and some vegetative growth in a 3 foot by 1 foot space. Then I put one plant, or maybe a few plants in a 4’ x 4’ grow tent that is about 6 feet tall with two high power high output 285 watt LEDs (two 95 x 3 watt diode filled units) that have been supplemented with 120 watts of more LEDs that I made myself. I will continue the vegetative season light cycle to fill the room/canopy, then I switch to the 12 hours of darkness daily to flower out the plant/s.


These answers do help me. I’m very appreciative for the support. I’m about to pick up more of your nutrients. Have you heard of Rick’s Monster Grow? I guess it’s something to help roots of plants absorb nutrients. They claim to have grown a 42 lb cabbage



Never heard of Rick’ Monster Grow nutrients. I can say this. I make my own nutrients, and use Dutch Master Advance system, and recently got some of the Marijuana Booster, but have not used them. I use my nutrients for soil grows, and my greenhouse, and Dutch Master for hydro. I use Pure Blend Pro for seedlings, and clones.

One thing about nutrients. If they are made correctly, then all of them use basically the same minerals. Some are synthesized, and others are not. Growing a 40 lb cabbage is more from genetics then nutrients iMO. :slight_smile: Bonnie Plants sell a giant cabbage, and the label has a picture of a baby laying on one of the leaves. That’s big.

Did you say you have already used the 3 booster products? How did you like them. You said you were going to buy more…


I found Rick’s Monster Grow via Facebook when my only two friends who appear to grow both Liked that page. It does read well but I’m a growing rookie. Honestly I said I’m going to buy more nutrients–truth be told–because I noticed it says free support only to those who bought the nutrients. And I do plan to buy them this coming month when I get paid. So I wanted the staff here to know my intent to buy them so I might still receive support. Might as well just be forward. I have yet to grow once. I’m collecting my stuff I will need. Including a tent. I just saw these amazing grow boxes but they are more like a growing appliance than a tent and divide into sections for different staged plants. Amazing but costs in the thousands. I didn’t realize it costs so much to get set up. Little things here and there and a few big things lol. It all adds up. But it’s going to be so worth it. Especially when I grow my first 42 lb flower bud :wink:


Oh I think I just realized a couple things. First you are saying a Flourescent is different than a compact Flourescent light? U said the lumens are similar between a Cfl 250watt And fluerescent 400 watt as if they are two different types of lighting. If it’s important what’s the difference please. If not don’t worry.
But I realized that like u guys said the size wattage 600 or 1000 or whatever will be determined by my tent size! I had thought I want as much light as I can afford. So this explains the low wattage IMO (400w) that come with the grow kits for the small sized tents! Before I thought it wasn’t enough light. Thank you This helps.


This Marijuana Grow bible is the bestest Bible I’ve ever read. Thank you. I’ve read it once and off to study again. One day i’d like to be able to help others