Seeds your Favorite

With all the new fancy names etc.
How is one to know what to order. I have grow auto flowers this yr. But was told to get great flavor/taste,
Autos are not the best choice.
Looking for input/advice
The Best i have smoked of the fancy names is
Girl Scout Cookies love the taste



I grow purple bud photo from Sensi and my folks give it rave reviews :heart_eyes:


Shishkaberry by barneys farm is one of my favs.
But purple trainwreck is in there too. Along with sour diesel. Ok. I have lots of favourites.
What can I say.


I really liked the Skywalker OG from ILGM. Potent and a good strain to grow. Enjoy!


It depends on what you like.
My current go to is ilgm Bruce Banner.

I love the ilgm Cali dream, just because it smells amazing during flower and it easily takes on colors with cool temps.


If u cross anything with purple punch I’ll like it lol. I am on my first grow and I went with ice OG because they were free. And I really enjoyed it. From what I have read it’s great for making hash I might have to get a pollen press

I am planning on getting some Bruce banner for next year