Seeds wont pop in rapid rooters

I put seeds in rr two ways. Just seed in hole and covered w little water in bottom of tray and lid on a heating mat bc it’s cold right now in northern Florida. The second way I soaked and put them in in rr when tail was out …still nothing they look like they started to pop then stopped haven’t popped thru and on Friday it will be at least a week

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Germinate in moist paper towel set inside ziplock bag. Once a 1/4” tap root is exposed place into a wet rapidrooter. I pre soak mine for a few hours. Make sure to gently use tweezers to set in root side down as deeply as possible into the rapid rooter. Put a dome over it and set under light until they come up and almost touch the dome. Take off dome and allow roots to fully establish before transplanting.

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I’ve tried that way too. Dt work for me…idk I have such a hard time…maybe try is too wet? I wish I new…I have three Dem white widow primo seeds and I’m not using them until I can figure this out.

What are you using for water? Tap, RO, distilled ?

I use well to start, I have heard that city water is chlorinated and could cause issues

I think your rapid rooters are too wet. They need to be slightly moist. Sitting them in a tray with water at the bottom just makes them sponge it up.

Remove water from tray, fling rooter in an arc to get rid of excess moisture, and tear small corner of material to stuff in hole covering seed.

Next time I would try to get the seeds to crack open in a shot glass of water, 75-80 degrees, and a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide. After you have a tail you can insert into RR.

It’s always nice to have confirmation that the seed is alive before burying to where you don’t have eyes on it.

Good luck @Kyliegirl146!



@AAA how do u create humidity if no water is in tray?

Ok . @PharmerBob @AAA gave some solid
Advice/techniques. keep the rooters warm and moist , and a 24 hr warm soak with water and some h2o2 Is everything I would have recommended. Good luck :v:


Use a spray bottle to mist the dome. As seedling any moisture they get is thru transpiration of the leaves and not roots. I can link you to my journal with rapid rooters


There you have it.

The key is to only have the rooter cube barely moist, closer to dry and mist the dome constantly.


Great advice as always: I pretty much do as @AAA does with the exception of putting mine in a cup of Promix with a dome over it. (I HATE RR’s lol)


Way to much work for me.

@Kyliegirl146 remember this that fiber net around the soil in rapid rooters does dissolve. You’ll need to get it wet enough to keep soul from flaking apart in your hand, and gently cut net away place into permanent pot. I caused 2 plants to become root bound because I was unaware that the fiber fabric wouldn’t dissolve and Jiffy pots don’t either. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Rapid rooters dt have ners that peat pots and I dt use them

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Ok good to know

Still having trouble. First I thought seeds were old. Now I got a couple bag ak seeds and they just won’t pop. I’ve tried paper towel method…I get a tap root but when I put it in the rr and it’s all over. I’ve tried the rr moist and not so much. I had the same problem last year. But this year I’m using a heating mat and last year I didn’t and it’s a different time of year. I need help, bc after that I do fine great plants and harvest last year…


Maybe it’s best to abandon the rapid rooters and try going to soil.

Get a tap root that is at least 1/2” long, poke shallow hole in cup of soil, and place seed tap root down. Cover loosely with soil and use spray bottle to keep slightly moist.

Good luck, works for me every time.

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Thanks I’ll try i

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It’s usually only 2 things that kill or stall seeds…
Rapid rooters are to wet or they are to cold…
Don’t let your rapid rooters sit in water and only spray with a water bottle 2 to 4 times a day and keep temps above 70 degrees Fahrenheit , 75 to 85 would be best… :wink::+1:

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