Seeds wont germinate

I planted my seeds December 11 it’s the 22 now and they haven’t germinated at all. I have them in fox farm soil and I think at beginning I had then too low. I read that I can take seed out and put in water until I see tail. Is it too late?

what can I do

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Have you peaked into one pot and seen the seed has not produced a tap root?

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No will it hurt the seed or just look and see if seed opening?

Does anyone know if maybe I could take some out and put them in water or is too late? Do they dry out if not germinating soon enough?

It’s a judgement call. That’s over a week without a single one making it to the surface. I’d be gentle and remove some soil to at least look at one. Maybe you’ll get lucky and see some green appear and can stop. They might have sprouted tap roots but died before reaching the surface. Happen to me once, the leafs where yellow and brown beneath the soil.

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I peeked at 2 and look like just how they did when I planted them. I’m wondering if it got too cold on there ? I put a heater in but there were a few nights it got around 10 degrees at night maybe got a little cold in grow tent can that slow them down? They were also further from the light I just moved them up yesterday

OK here is what I do… do u have a germination/seedling pad? If not, heating pad?

  1. Shot glass full of bottle water
  2. Let it soak for 24 hrs. Check to see if it has submerged to the bottom. If not, give it a gentle push downward and see if it submerges. If it does then move to step 3. If not, let it soak longer
  3. 2 glass or ceramic plates. Put enough paper towel to absorb the shot glass of water and be able to fold it over on top of the seed. Keep paper towel wet for the seed but do not have enough water it is puddled in the plate. Cover with the 2nd plate to make it dark and humid.
  4. Place Plate dome on heating pad/seedling mat/router or cable box.
  5. Check in on the seed to make sure paper towel is wet.
    6)Tap root will emerge within days. Once it reaches 3/4 in to 1 inch long. Plant it
  6. Do not have to plant it wrist deep. Maybe the length of a sharpy cap. Just enough to sprinkle enough loose dirt on top to cover.
  7. Shot glass worth of water and dome the area
  8. Plant should emerge in just a couple days

Batting 1000% and that’s how I do it. Hope that helps. As far as the current situation. If they didn’t pop a tap root, it couldn’t hurt to try. Best of luck. Also, humidity is crucial in the beg. The higher the better.


Thank you I am going to pull 2 seeds tomorrow and try it if nothing happens!!!

10c = 50f? Def too cold

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Definitely! It sounds like Konflict has you set, but you’re definitely going to have to address those temps.

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It wasnt that cold in the grow tent!!! But got so cold out the temp went down to 60 in tent!!! And I had a family situation at same time so o dodnt realize it until the next day!!! I added a second heater and the heaters can keep up now!!

No 10 degrees outside it caused heater in grow tent to work hard and temp went down to 58 in tent. I dodnt realize it until the next day due to a family emergency I have since added addl heater!!

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Cable box will get warm enough? Never thought of that ty

I’ve seen ppl use that and the top of a water heater. Anything that will put off heat continously. Key is to not let your paper towel dry out. Hotter the surface you put the plates. The quicker that towel will dry up


So I was afraid to follow any instructions besides what ilgm gave which was put in water until tail forms then plant . One seed has a tale!!! Still in water should I plant now?

and this is how I have it set up the ones with soda bottle covers have seeds still ones without are the ones I pulled seeds out of

If they instruct you to do that, do it. Don’t plant it too deep

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How deep do you think. And is it seed or tail down? Ty

Tail down. First bend of your finger deep. Cover with loose dirt. Water with shot glass amount of water. Dome

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Thank you so much for your help!!! I pulled all the other seeds after I saw it was working and 2 of the seeds already had tails that were in the dirt so I left them!!