Seeds with only one plant

Had to pull my plant. it got seedy. How? It was only one plant. Nothing to pollinate it with. Grown indoors. Never saw the outside.

It didn’t happen without pictures…

It’s called a hermaphrodite: either conditions were wrong (spurious light at night for example) or genetics (seed germinated out of a bag of weed likely came from a hermaphrodite for example). It happens and you move on.


Ok thanks. Got the seed from a bag and just wondered.


seedy…what do you mean by that? The seed takes some time to develop, you can still smoke the buds.

I have this doubt that what you are talking about is a male plant!

lets see a pic???

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This is as good as I can get.

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Well, you can look at this one of two ways:

1). Plenty of seeds for the next round of growing


2). The worlds smallest bowl of pop corn. Just throw them seeds into some butter and
let 'em pop


that does the trick… :wink:

Philly got you covered…

Yep my guess is it was a hermie seed. I had 3 of these last grow. Not alot of seeds but it was hermoes so no more of thos seeds here lol. I have like 2p0 of them too. Lol. Maybe keep them for hard times lol if i dont habe any seeds to grow i can grow a crop of hermies lol. Nah i threw them away 3 weeks ago. Did 3 seeds and all 3 seeds ended up being hermie so i pitched them. Lol. Half the seed stash lol. Oh well on to better ones now. Sux it happened. Do u have more seeds to grow out??

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In process.

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