Seeds want germinate

I’m having trouble getting 2 of 3 LSD seeds to germinate for me on my second time around. I wanted to know if it is me . I put them in some rain water 1 germinate in one day but two did not germinate …:persevere::persevere:

I don’t use plain water soak, but a lot of people seem to have good results that way. How long have they been in water?

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About 5 days in rain water

What do you use?

I soak in water with a few drops of H2O2 and keep that dark and warm (I use my oven with the light on keeps it 80 degrees)for 24 hrs. Then from there into a damp paper towel that is in a Tupperware container that is covered kept in a dark warm place. Then I check every few hours to make sure the seed is damp and monitor the tail length. :100: germinated thus far.

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Are you leaving them in the water for days or just a ‘multi hour’ soak?
Try a 12-24hour soak, then go to the paper towel method.

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I agree, that seems long to soak in water. I use paper towel method too.

Im sorry to say my last 2 orders had big failure rates less than half, but for years prior no problem. I sense an issue

All germinate but the LSD seeds in water and up in pots but LSD did not germinate. I will try adding some H202 to my rain water next time.
Thanks to all for input
Happy Growing To All

I personally never soak a seed more than 24 hrs. Several days+ will drown the seed.
Once soaked…tween paper towels and keep moist. When tap root is 1/2" long…put in clear plastic cup(with drainage) with head just at ground level. Place second cup on top to have a humidity dome. Mist the top cup twice a day. Once roots cover the cup transplant to final home.