Seeds to weeds 1st timer


Thanks for the time and reply. A lot has happened since my last post. For the record this is definitely a growth experience. As I write I started out with 50 seeds, I now stand at 6 living plants. Since last post at 7-8 weeks I transplanted the plants up to 5 and 7 Gal. landscape containers using same soil mixture, added 0-20-20 and some 46-0-0 to top of soil away from root base. By now I was down to 42 plants, lost a few to wind and stem breakage, some to too much rain exposure and root rot I would call it. I know go from small backyard between the trees hollow to 3 picked wildlife pastures, I chose areas with mixed fruit trees and located 12-14 plants in areas where trees had died and natural native grasses. Field two was South side long sunny days and tall Johnson grass weed eater down for 12-14 of the planted pots, Last was my pasture with my Connecticut broad leaf tobacco as a drought measure I had weed eaten around the tobacco plants and laid down straw and set the pots close to the tobacco. As a safety measure all but two plants I put in food plots, not being sure if the plants wood take a hit from the heavy deer population I have here.
Now my journal takes a bad turn, the plants show no shock and seem to be doing wonderful. I was ready to take pics and say look here. Now for water solution, I use well water which I had tested and ph was fine I have a PTO 110 gal. watering tank for my small tractor, it is set up to use a 50’ garden hose or 75’ spray lead for chemicals, mind you I use it for both. I did my 1st watering with just well water day of transplant as well as my tobacco plants which were doing great as well and had been already put into the ground several weeks earlier. With the larger pots I new I had some time to allow roots to fill out before moving to the soil. My plan was to use 10" auger bore soil down and enlarge a oversize ground hole, add soil? of what combination I had not devised yet, I now for young trees we do not add any other soil then what was dug out of the ground to fill back in.
After 3 more days I decided to water this second time very well as I was leaving for vacation for 9 days. I had used hardwood chips to top the soil to help with evaporation while I was gone. I came back home and was excited to see how the seeds to weeds story was going, took the little tractor and water tank filled it up, seeing a blue tint to the approx 15 gals remaining in the tank same color as my 20-20-20 water sol fertilizer, filled tank up added 5 lbs of water sol Fert. off to the plants, No pesticide issues to speak of or deer browse, the worst was armadillo’s attacked the fertile soil tipping the pots over and digging for bugs or such. Set pots back up two were damaged bad but would see how they would do a few days later. Go to my 3 spots water generously, seeing tobacco was showing some wilt from no rain for the last 13 straight days now. Back at the horse barn I check on the wives Blue haze and Gold leaf see how they were fairing. The gold leaf was winning the growth end but for possible flower tops Blue haze was much more dense tops As I write this I topped Gold leaf yesterday and Blue haze is going into flower already.
Sadness begins as I return 3 days later with a fresh tank of water and fertilizer the plants are burnt up the grass around the plants are toasted, I mean dead sticks 3" long…I was WTF (what the farmer) keeping it clean - did I do- I dashed off to the other 2 locations to see all but 5 plants dead, it had smoked the tobacco as well. It did not take long to figure out one of my helpers had sprayed the parking lot with Gramxone 2 or known to us old-timers as Paraquat Dichloride a heavy duty herbicide once used by our government to Ariel spray Mexican marijuana crops killing the plant and causing many American tokers to get very ill. As it was harvested and sold anyways. For me even 15 gal’s watered down with 85 gals water was still devastating, this was almost the end of my growing experiment. I have lost 1 more plant to armadillos the remaining 6 are looking great and still plan on a setting my last 4 to the earth soon as we get rain, now standing at 6 plus weeks and only 1.39" rain at my farm the ground is so rocky, clay and loam as it dries out it gets like concrete, once wet will hold moisture for weeks, but this can be a bad trade off.
Will up date as I set in ground with pics , Thanks for listening


I have run into my last hurdle for a outdoor grow. My ambitions to grow pounds of luscious weed have been hit by yet another learning curve. Went to last grow spot decided to prune some sucker leafs off and 1 plant had been deer attacked but left the beginning of flowers. I noticed the plants were a bit dry so came back that evening to. water to find deer bedded down next to my grow spot. my last 5 plants have seen abetter day two broke off at lower main stem, the rest stripped clean with some buds remaining. Brought what was left back to main farmhouse set up next to vegetable gardens see what finish off.
Knowing I have great location, very good growing soil, good well water, springs and creeks I assumed and had dreams of pounds of bad buds. I have learned a lot with my second grow and continue to improve 2019 will be new season and will go for number 3… 1BadBud is out here.


I was wondering what happened to you. I wish I would have been able to help you much earlier on, but you went MIA from this forum. Here is a saying that you might get…“don’t put the cart before the horse”. I can see why you have had issues trying to grow cannabis over the years now.

So, being a farmer myself I understand what is going on here. There is a general lack of understanding in farming between growing traditional crops and that of cannabis. I know many very successful farmers that think that cannabis can be grown and treated like other seasonal crops and that it is easy… buy a ton of seeds, put it out there in the field, toss some cheap chemical fertilizer on it, and chop it down like cotton. This method can work for hemp if you are farming the fibers.

But, cannabis that you wish to consume does not work that way… If you want results and to be a successful grower you must prepare to be as such. I can type a long reply to you, but I cannot tell if you will be out until next season or if you are just signing off for the day.

If you would like to learn I can teach you and maybe help you save anything you have left this season… let me know.


Thank you for the effort to reach out to help. I usually am a fast learner so I am open to help for sure. I am not a regular farmer as you may know it but basics are the same. I run a wildlife preserve which was a passion for me for years as when I was younger and able I enjoyed the outdoors and hunting. What I have is about 600 acres of bottom land in western TN and lease and control another 1700 acres. We live very remote and at the dead end of a 2 track dirt road. In short a very private location. I have 43 food plots/ green fields for the wildlife in them I plant a variation of seed, grain mix (wheat/oats/winter peas) and add a brassica mix of turnips, kale,clovers. I lime fields every other year. Commercial pellet fertilizer a blend from the Co-Op I have used and my own concoction. It is in these few remote fields close to home I had planned to grow in. Going from potted plants into the ground, I was going to use my auger to drill holes to do final transplant, prior to final transplant I had over forty pots 5-7 gal in size and was noticeable to any one who may visit us. I moved them to the pastures for future planting. Things were going good to this point.
My soil prep was 2 parts peat, 2 parts planting soil, 1 part sand this seemed to be working fine.
I was watering with well water from 200’ down good ph balance but heavy on the iron content.
Fertilized with a 20-20-20 water soluble, and watered plants with water tank 3 point spray rig for the tractor.
Last season had great looking seedlings and goats got out of their pen and ate all of them .
Prior to this I was from FL as a young man living in a metro area in the 70’s I never really made a good effort, my father would get aggravated with me and pull most of the plants I got going out.
I am not a smoker anymore just quit years ago when my kids were very young did not want to influence them, oh well both are smokers, my youngest is a daily. My wife likes the legal vape pen stuff. I was hoping to grow weight and make some cash to help the hunting farm out.
Hope this gives a little ground work.
My step son is a commercial organic hydro vegetable grower and is gearing up for Floridas 2020 vote to legalize and he has contacts to use him to grow commercially once legal. He will help me set up a hydro room this winter in a enclosed hay barn and see how I fair as well, my dream is tall huge budding plants in the real dirt outdoors. At 17 I worked in a shop that backed up to railroad tracks on break we would go to backdoor stand next to the tracks and smoke throw the roaches down when done. Out of the ground sprouted two plants w/o any effort at all. By the end of summer those 2 plants grew to 9’ and 12" tall. Male plants, We harvested drove right through town with them hanging out the back of my Buddys Datsun station wagon like it was nothing. IT was dirt weed, we boiled it down to oil and treated more dirt weed.
End of story Always wanted to recreate that grow but with quality weed.


Ok, I am going to try and help you get a focus on your growing aspirations.

Lets start by looking at your dream. “My dream is tall huge budding plants in the real dirt outdoors.”

So, why would you want to do hydro? Let me point out some things about hydro for you.

Hydro requires equipment… a lot of it… that requires upkeep and maintenance to keep it clean and functional. Hydro plants once in their medium do not like to be transplanted into soil, so its best to leave them indoors. Organic matter does not stay stable in water solutions for very long, so you are changing it out constantly, or you are using synthetic formulas, which need to be dumped and will eventually contaminate an area, because of its high concentrations. Unless you are going to filter down your well water with an R.O. system you will have many water stability issues like algae growth. Hydro also has problems keeping the solution PH in check, which will have major swings in a very short time. Plants will be smaller, yields will be less, and learning curve will be steep. I can keep going on as to why not to do hydro as a first timer, but I hope you catch my drift…

If your dream is to do big plants loaded with huge buds… lets build towards that. If you plan on growing indoors too then we want a “soil” medium that is easy to work with, is very forgiving, and can transition outdoors in the spring to achieve your dreams. That said, I will go into more detail with that later so we do not get side tracked. You are not like most growers you have one thing most can only dream of. That is very private land and a large amount of it outdoors… So follow along as I try to get some focus on this dream.

Lets start by picking out strains first:

You should be looking for strains that can grow well indoors and outdoors.
Strains that are proven to do well outdoors in your region.
Strains that are going to finish outdoors before drastic changes in weather in your region.
Strains that are going to have the effects/tastes you are looking for.
Strains that are easy to grow for first time growers.

Next try to limit the strains down to two different strains, so you are not having to learn the behaviors of many different strains. Lastly start with five seeds of each and focus on having a successful run before trying to do large numbers of plants.

Once you have that picked out let me know and I will help you with your soil prep and indoor/outdoor set ups.


I have to say your eagerness to help out is a wonder to me, I have always been through my whole life as a " I’ll figure this out and. Do it myself." As I say this I have no ego, I will and have fallen flat on my face in many ways. This has always put me on a fast learning curve to success. I had a very successful father and was always taught do your best and be the best at it. If I shared all my accomplishments in life it would sound like I am full of …s…! When I bought my farm 6 years ago, these old owners had work 20 years building a wildlife preserve second to none. I was told it took 8-9 guys to run this place and I had no clue what I had bought and would not be able to handle this farm. I have blown by what they did and believe I do a better job of building a preserve and working it all while I made my wife a equine facility. A lot of wasted time on my planting skills, wrong seed times bad chemical mixes, poor soil; and bad timing, I did listen to some of the old guys around who did seem willing to help and give me direction for maybe the same reason you are they must have felt I had some potential despite my stupid s… I do at times, aka spraying plants with paraquat, by accident I might add. I am open to help for sure.
Hydro question, I have a facility to set up a hydro room, my main goal was to be able to grow in off season, was going to set up a two stage room, a veggie stage and a flower stage area. Again financial is a secondary reason ability to succeed and make it happen would be my main goal. Third is my stepson owns and operates a hydro farm in FL. He is very talented and successful I believe he is in full swing in assisting me in anyway as a test site for his future aspirations. With hopes of recreational use being on FL ballot for 2020 he already has 3 Med. Lic, backers willing to use him as their grower. This being said we have discussed indoor growing with a soil as apposed to hydro because of almost all the reasons you mentioned. I was just wanting to figure it out for 1 but also wanted a automated set up which would allow me travel time away w/o plant worries? You have made me think twice about this was just about to purchase some used indoor nursery lights I came across, HPS. My other reason would be wildlife, armadillos, deer, as well as hunting starts in late Sept. and would not have to worry about hunters seeing my growing.

As far as picking strains off seeds I did what I thought best through ILGM site, one it was a well reviewed site and cost seemed to be lower then most who were second hand seed dealers.

I picked 4 mainly for cost and ability to have a line of successful reviews

Blue Haze, because my wife liked the picture and wanted her own plants to grow. Still have one in a small pot budding very well.

Gold Leaf as it was Bergmans baby and felt it would be a strong choice and was on sale. Still 1 in wifes pot and very large for a 5 gal. Clay pot second week in flower now. I already took a 1/2 oz in sucker leaves off of it.

White Witch was off to a real good start in pots lost only due to wind damage ,(blown over broke stem) they were about to explode in size when I killed them. Healthy plants of the 4 I tried.

Super Skunk, as it reminded me of the old Gainesville green days and the growers coalition not being sure if it had any history there but we use to call it skunk as the buds had a over powering sweet smell that was somewhat rank at times. I have 3 of these left in bad repair due to the deer.

Excuse the grammar in my writing, love to write when time is able but have terrible grammatical skills.


PS: in short forgot to add very open to suggestion as to seeds and also my son has talked about thee indoor aspect of a automated seed, auto-flowering I should say, weather is never to a freeze stage or frost until end of Oct as a rarity


White widow auto seeds are good for a starter they are pretty easy to grow


Two survivors from the original grow, sorry to say I made plenty of mistakes, these two are the wives personal plants I was not allowed to mess with…LOL

Deer attack did not leave much other then buzzed deer is my guess hope they had a great night.

Blue Haze has some future.

Tobacco survived the paraquat attack


I have read your reply and I will do a response asap in a couple hours. I am currently in the middle of harvest here so I am all over the place.


So I have a free minute to type this reply finally. It gets a little hectic around here this time of year, so sorry for the delayed reply. First off I joined this site to help out growers, because I have been doing this along time and been involved in the industry since the start. You seem very eager to be successful and want to learn so I am willing to help you. Just try not to jump ahead to much and I will address all your goals and challenges.

Lets talk about your step son for a second. I am happy to hear he is a great hydro farmer of vegetables, but cannabis is not a vegetable and it is not easy to grow commercially in hydro. If he is serious about doing a grow in FL when its legal let me say this.

He needs to be doing his own set up that he will oversee on a daily basis at his location right now. He needs to be there to work out all the kinks and get his operation running covertly at full speed long before the law approves… even if its not being commercially processed. There is a huge learning curve and you cannot have someone else do it for you at some other location far away and hope to achieve commercial quality. There are many professional cannabis farms that are currently looking for “head” growers, because growers are abundant but expert growers are hard to come by…

So now lets focus on your goals. The four strains you currently have purchased will all work indoors, but only one currently will work outdoors and meet your needs. This is the Super Skunk and here is why. The other strains you have selected as you see are just now flowering. So, they will not finish in time before the hunters come for the season.

So now you have choices to make:

Only run Super Skunk outdoors.
Find other strains that will finish by late September in your area.
Choose a better location that hunters will not be venturing into on the property.
Build a light deprivation set up to induce flowering early on your plants.
Or give up on super large plants and run smaller autos outside.

Once you figure out how you want to do your outdoor I can talk about the outdoor set up and indoor set ups. Indoor automation in soil is even easier than hydro by the way and allows you to travel.


Dont use those cups. the sun can ruin or slow or stunt your plants. use a dark color cup, or paint the ones you have so sunlignt can’t get in…


Thank you LF,

AS for my hunters and locations, the 1st part of hunting season is end of sept until the 1st weekend in Nov, it swaps

Out to muzzle loader for 2 weeks it is not until then do I have much in hunting pressure. I have ample green fields and some with out bow stands close to my house which most guys stay away from as no AM hunts so as not to interrupt my wife sleeping. This I thought would buy me time to finish grow?

If I was able set up a indoor grow room I would be able to start grow sooner w/o weather being a issue, if I used soil this would allow me to transplant outdoors, and of course use a fence basket to help protect against wildlife having a taste. With this being said so many hide-holes scattered around that have not seen a human for years, they usually lack good sun is my issue for not wanting to use them. I plan on doing a select timber cut on some hardwood patches (150 acres worth) this may open some new spots to grow in and be very isolated.

I may have over stated sons intention, I am sure he is well tested, just as a example this is one of the farm boxes he uses and works with this company in Belgium, he has a commercial site where he can stack a lot of these farm boxes as he needs for inventory. See link

He is more trying to help as you are, he has been testing for years, but as you stated on the legal side I was using him as help as he has much experience less say in many aspects and is very successful organic farmer. If he enters the tree business as I like to call it he should do fine, I am biassed

As we are heavily invested in his venture. But as you had stated his is a DWC Hydro and with the size of his operation just his wife and him run it at this times and a refer truck for deliveries. He is at the farm almost everyday and has it as automated as he could.

I have a worker who has some 220 volt grow lights from his GF nursery that went out of business. I will post the particulars once I get the info next week.

I have 3 new indoor horse stables to build and get my fall seasons crops planted for hunting season, before I start on grow room construction at which time will be looking for advise.


I will write a reply asap, but right now I am deep into harvest and hope to have free time tonight.


Ok finally a free moment to write.

So your outdoor location is up to you, but remember “Sativa” dominate plants can become very large in the ground and when they stretch during flowering they will need supports. This is not easy to hide and smells can drift… so unless you want to have to maintain more than one location outside. I would say pick earlier flowering strains or select a better location for gorilla growing.

As for the indoor with soil. I agree with you completely about the ability to take plants outside, which is one of the reasons why suggested soil over hydro. Cargo Container grows have been around a while first time I saw one used for cannabis growing was in 1988 they work well enough. I currently have one grow I am overseeing that is using one as a site and it works where space is an issue. I am sure he will have success with them for cannabis in Florida.

So I do not want to get off topic and would like to keep this going in an easy to follow step by step for setting up a indoor/outdoor grow. I have talked about looking into strains for your situations giving you things to think about so now before I go in deeper lets talk about containers.

If you want to do this two method set up you should have two different containers. You should have solid plastic container for anything that is still going to be placed into another location/container. This makes the transplanting process much easier. Now unless you are thinking about doing a tray no-till set up indoors for flowering. You should consider also having cloth bags like smart pots or a brand like that. These bags are great for keeping plants happy, but not so much for trying to transplant safely out of them. So they make for good flowering room containers.

I have to get back to harvesting now, but I will talk about soil prep and mixes in the next reply for you. Here is where I am trying to go with replies to keep it focused on your goals:

  1. Seeds/Strains
  2. Containers
  3. Soil Mixtures/Prep
  4. Indoor Set Up
  5. Outdoor Set Up
  6. Growing Practices/Equipment
  7. Harvesting/Drying Set Up


im in southern calif when is the best time for to plant purple kush ,and blueberry auto flower


Please start your own topic/thread for personal questions. This is a topic about starting a full scale indoor/outdoor covert grow operation.


Thought I would share this with you.

Here is a picture of a cola from grow I consulted on. This is a grower that had grown indoors in the 90’s with not a lot of success. But I had overseen his step-sons grows for 2 years now and he wanted me to advise him on growing outdoors organically. He too wanted big buds on large plants, but was in need of direction.

So, I gave him one of my personal strains and helped him set up his grow. I provided advice along the way anytime he had questions, but I let him make his own choices with his methods in the end.

This is one of many colas of this size he had. He should end up with around 12 pounds off 3 plants. He is very happy to say the least.


4 lbs/ plant production is impressive indeed


I guess that is just a bud off one of the plants, if so yes big buds for sure :>)