Seeds to weeds 1st timer

A new bee to ILGM, I have been struggling for two years with used seeds from a friend, 2 yrs ago had about 30 6-8" tall and my goats got loose and ate all. Last yr 1 germinated and got rained out. I am a retired stoner for 30 years. But have a large farm very out in the country, I grow for my horses, cattle (pastures) and a avid wildlife farmer for Deer and Turkey, with 40+ food plots about 52 acres just in food plots, 1700+ total I have the room and comfort zone to see what I can do.
I plan a journal from the new bee on my experience and what I am doing , may help some with ideas or mistakes made. My youngest is a head and she kept telling me how I need good seeds, I am very fussy with my seed and soil prep for my other grows. I decided on ILGM as it has great reviews and success stories. Purchased 60 seeds as a start of my grow.
Soil: A mix of 2 parts Canadian Peat moss, 2 parts Miracle grow potting soil, 1 part sand, blended in plastic
Seed: Planted 1/2 deep soil not packed left semi loose,
Weed: Super Skunk, White Witch, Blue Haze, Gold Leaf. planted 50 seeds 6-30-18, today 7-7-18 49 germination, a 98% success.
All cups have been marked to know the strains and keep them in grow order.
The plastic tubs in the back ground serve two purposes to slow water from washing away when we have thunderstorms, / heavy rains, second should I have guest come by easy to stash away.
Will keep you all posted as to on going results.
Remember no goats…LOL


Good Luck! Not sure clear cups are a good idea. Roots don’t care for the light. Might be a good idea to put them in another solo cup.
Beware the Goats! :slight_smile:


Thanks a bunch good advise. See already a learning curve, I keep them in the tubs most of the time as we have had a unusual amount of storms will diffuse some of the sunlight. I also will transplant very soon to a black nursery style pots before going to ground with them. Any thoughts on how soon or stage to transplant?
Thanks for the input

However, clear cups let you see when the roots reach the edge. If you transplant promptly to bigger pots or in the ground, should have no UV damage.

Most people avoid Miracle Grow soils because the time release pellets extends Nitrogen into the blooming cycle. Are you going to transplant into the ground? Then a small amount of Miracle Grow in a cup is no problem.

If you have indoor grow lights, and can grow year round, plan to trim clones off your plants at 8-10 weeks. This helps you avoid buying seeds unless you want to try some new strains. For large acreage you can use propagation techniques.

Might want to discuss your farm with @mulegal.

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The Miracle grow is just 35-40% of the soil in the small solo cup, sand and peat make up the rest of the soil.
I did not know about propagation on these plants, but will look into it as time progress’s forward.
I have a variety of soils on the farm some I could just thow seed at it and would grow like wild, some I have been working with, discing, cover crops, liming, heavy non nitrogen fertilizers, and these places won’t see the real weed as even weeds struggle on some plots.
As my post state 1st timer I have tried to grow since the early 70’s and a lot failures. In the day use to be growers in Gainesville FL that had wicked buds and ample supplies so was no need to do the work. I think if I can grow something close to that quality, my daughter will love me more …


Well, weed will grow like a weed, but if you want Good weed, there are special techniques that people use to improve the quality and yield of the harvest. Keep in mind, many of the people on this forum grow in closets, maybe 4 plants. Growing 40 acres is a little different. Also keep in mind that from a cash crop perspective, tomatoes are $3 per pound, and quality buds sell for $2000 per pound (for example).

There are lots of good experts on this forum who will help you.

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I’m going to tune in and watch, also just for future knowledge miracle grow actually has a seed starter soil that’s fine for our girls there’s no time released nutrients in it


I signed up for the forum for just that, experienced growers and advise. As the grow progresses I will continue to look for help and believe this forum has plenty of good growers to learn from. My wildlife and personal livestock (horses) need capitol to keep going. Paid hunts is not profitable so a form of supplement is necessary evil to keep my passion alive.
In all adventures there is unforeseen failures, example I chose to breed very expensive quarter horses, being a horse owner and stepping up to being a breeder for profit can go bad. Quickly, 1 horse absorbed her foal after 6 months, poof gone, number 2 gave birth on a rainy night, rolled over on her newborn colt and drowned it while slept, should been there, ouch 25K colt dead, 6 days later my sweet girl 12K died in the pasture as I worked like a mad man to save her from a infection gone unnoticed. Guilt from lack of experience and being a novice what could have been great deal went bad from rookie mistakes.
My icon the late Louise…


Damn brother that sux!!! Beautiful horse!! I had the same follies when I jumped into the breeding of champion Amercan Bulldogs, after 3 litters I ended up with 2 live pups from the first litter then 2 litter ended up with 1 and a expensive surgery to get the rest of the dead pups outta mom for a dog she cost me 4k then she had to be fixed then I had a brother and sister, was keeping the female locked up in heat and my male learned how to unlock her cage and let her out so I had to abort that one si 3 litters and I ended up paying out money


Everybody “loves” a friend with good weed…:wink: Maybe your daughter will too?

I prefer the clear cups, because, I can watch the root growth. A seed with vigor will throw out roots that look like a spider web on the lining of the cup. Usually about the same time as the second set of full leaves. That’s when I transplant. Always a good idea to have quality seed stock. Whether from a friend or seed seller, good hardy quality stock will give the largest percentage of good growth. Like all seeds, some will be big fat and healthy…some will be puny and scraggly. The healthy ones are THE ONLY ONES worth your time and effort. Watch the growth…any male plant will fertilize a whole crop in one day. After a few weeks, look for the males.
Would suggest if possible to keep diff strains separated. Each strain will have different growth rates. A fast growing strain will block light off a slower shorter strain. Also, their feeding needs will vary.
Keep up updated.

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@1Badbud. I like your views on life will be following

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Um sorry off subject, but i want to hunt there can i come hunt with you? Please!!! Lol any ways cant wait for your update.

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I do run a hunting preserve. 1700 acres of great habitat and a large healthy wildlife population. 40+ green fields over 52 acres worth, with soy bean and corn farmers as neighbors. 2800 sq ft hunt lodge. I do have some tuff QDM rules we function by. I ATM have 3 openings will be capping membership at 9. ( beds in lodge) I am. the real deal and one of the better free range clubs around my side of the state. Yearly Dues are $3,000.00 and due by Aug 1,
If still interested figure a way to contact me and will give you web site and my number.

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Ok Hello to those following my grow progression and welcome any new viewers.
A few pictures I should have used for the start.
Soil used

Seed Depth
Week 2 photos taken at 15 days, Plant population is now 45 with a genetic defective growth, so 44 good seedlings. I had to move the girls as you all call them and rightfully so as hopes for all females. One stem broke as they tipped over. I had a few that had gotten too much rain and just rotted away while I was gone. I had them under a carport edge with door screen over the plastic box I use to move them around. Just was too wet and limited sunlight.

The lower right tray is another very very small seeds from the poppy flower ( Papaver somniferum ) These are so small transplanting them will be a issue. The 1st 10,000 seeds was a flop, no germination , it takes 10-14 days as you see them at 14 days old. The second set of seeds was Ebay’d , from another vendor and as you can see they are up to tweezer size.
No pictures yet but have tobacco transplanted and in the ground. From a old family tobacco farmer (1840’s) heirloom Connecticut broadleaf tobacco. I weeded around the 12 plants and have dry fertilized them as well as 50 gals liquid fertilizer on last watering. Laid down straw yesterday at the base and added 46-0-0 Nitrogen heavy Fertilizer. I have flowers on larger plants but still promoting leaf growth. Soon as I get some photos I will post them as well.
As you read I am 1st time grow on all of these plants and attempting to grow a wild smokable concoction. Time will tell
Defective seed growth for your viewing.

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Those defective ones could be fantastic. I like challenges so i would keep those around just to see what they will do, but with having so many other ones on your hands not sure if you want to waste time on them? Could be something tho lol. Looks good tho so far so good!

If you would like advice I can help. I do larger outdoor grows mostly on farms these days. But I have done it all over the last 31 years.


Hi and TY for offer to help. I would like to communicate with you via a email or personally on phone if you are comfortable with either. Not sure how I could email you through this website though. Having tried this for over forty years with almost certain failure, finally my wife agreed to let me try on the farm. Let me know

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I would, but sadly its is against the policy to contact users outside of the forums. I know it is due to possible legal issues that could be caused and come back on them.

I know I could answer your questions and help you a little quicker, but without getting us banned off the site. I will do my best to get you the answers you need on this thread.

Can you tell me a little about your climate? Like what state you are in? Maybe show pictures of where you would like to set up the outdoor grow? What is your goals with this grow? The more I know about your conditions and your goals the more I can help you have real success.

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Hail LF-the-OG
I was making a reply to rye as he was interested in hunting and that is one of my major financial income from my farm. I had a feeling no contact, for many reasons.
As of today I am on week 3. I am at the point in the grow that the roots are making a show in the clear solo cups sides. I have taken 2 to nice pots for my wife as she wants to raise them herself in her own way.
Climate, I live in a hollow, during the. summer grow I will experience Mid 90’s in the shade, 98-108 in the sun, humidity is 75-99%.
Water is from a well 200’ deep, I have a lot of springs where water just rolls out of the ground, a little bit on the iron side as there is a supply of iron ore in the earth. Top soil sandy, clay loam, I lime every other year. Top soil can be very rocky, flint and lime and being beautiful creek bottom land a lot of old Indian relics. Indians have been here for thousands of years, living and growing.
Once we go into drought mode the soil can get very hard and dusty. So supplemental water will be a must, I can plant by a creek bottom and bucket it in or ridge top and water with tractor and 100 gal water tank. Bothe locations can and have proved to grow grain very well. As today goes on I will be transplanting plants to 5-7 gal pots, rather then direct into the ground. For durability and security. my plan is in 2-3 weeks go to ground with them. I did this with the tobacco plants and they seem to thrive.
Well that is it I will post photos tonight of the 3 week transplant


So, @1Badbud I have been out of town dealing with vehicle issues for 5 days… but I am just now getting to read this.

So, lets start with the goals are you looking to do this for economical reason? Or, is this for family use?

I can sort of picture the area you plan on planting and how you plan on watering, but here is the thing. You have sprouted a larger amount of seeds so, I am unsure if you are doing that to select the top ones, or if you intend on doing all of them in the ground?

That said the best chance for success is to have all your ducks in a row before firing. This area will need to have the soil prepared properly prior to achieve a higher quality end result. However, it is late in the growing season to be getting massive plants outdoors. In fact most outdoor growers are starting to show pre-flowers by now.

That said you can still get a harvest, but this might be more of a learning and prep for next years grow. Are you wanting to treat the plants like row crops with furrows and flood them or like an orchard with holes and watering just around the plants?

Plant spacing at this point will be different than next year if you start earlier. This year you can get away with 4 foot spacing and next year will need to be larger maybe around 8. I would be also careful with super cropping methods with that high of humidity…too bushy of a plant will cause issues in flower unless you humidity drops greatly as the summer ends and fall begins or the flower season.

You seem to have the plants going in the right direction into containers to buy some time before going into your grow spot, but I need to know the method of planting or farming, so i know how they will be irrigated and what method of soil prep to suggest. Also so I know how many plants you will really be needing to plant or try to take across the finish line.