Seeds...the good the bad the ugly


I have a question about seeds, I’m no beginner I been at this over 35 years, although I have picked up quite a few tips off here the seed thing is my question…I started ordering seeds back in lets say 2001 to 2002? but last year’s I chose ILGM…I must say I been really happy with what I got, my question is, are the seeds from other seed banks that the price is a lot more worth what they charge? How much better could they be? I’m not changing banks for sure, I love ilgm…but how much stronger are these high price seeds? Or is it all hype? TIA


I couldn’t tell you because I’ve only ever bought from ILGM or the sister site. I’ve heard too many people say their seeds didn’t germinate or other issues they’ve had with other seed banks so I haven’t strayed. Plus every ILGM seed I’ve ever germinated has made it to harvest. Never had one die. Plus with all the new strains they just added, I can pick a new strain to grow for years and I know the genetics will be solid.


Yes I agree…I have orderd 20 sour diesel and 10 blue berry last year and got 21 sour diesel and 10 blue berry…yes one was a twin…I love thier seeds…just wanted to know why other banks were so high…no pun intended…


When I first ordered seeds last year I was skeptical about it. What helped steer me in ilgm way was that they don’t charge outrageous prices for delivery and they garuntee (I can’t spell to save my life) delivery. Also the fact that at the time, they only had about 30 different seeds which leads me to believe that they were focusing on better quality than variety. Just my 2¢


Oh I agree with you on that…ilgm is my bank…just got a order I the maIL today I put in last Saturday…no complaints with them…just wanted to know if the strains other banks sale are that much bettet


I purchased a small quantity of seeds on 2/19 around 0500 GMT from ILGM. My seeds are here, some 10K miles away in somewhere USA, 6 days after they shipped. I was very surprised how easy it all was. You can even charge a credit card (if your not worried about that paper trail), which I found many shops didn’t do. When I looked at most of the other seedbanks the websites felt cheap, like when you hit a wholesale site with .05 toothbrushes if you order 300 of them. I did my look at Bergman’s lab, and didn’t see too many issues, considering the business model the world has forced on us. So I put up some money, and so far they have delivered!
I’m sure other companies charge high rates to make up for dead seeds, cover additional shipping, whatever cost right? Or they just charge more to charge more, but rarely did I see a site that made me believe that bank was any better than another, ILGM site is easy to navigate, well thought out.

But since my only seed purchase has been from ILGM, I’m not sure the other banks aren’t as good or better, and just plagued by some poor website design.


Quality genetics are offered here at IGLM
Im sure other seed banks have good genetics as well but We have the best imo
And imo no the higher prices seeds are not worth the $$ and those seed banks are capitalizing on popularity of the strains imo
Happy growing and welcome to our community @Sittingbull64


There great


I truly believe everyone misunderstood what I was asking…I buy all my seed’s from ilgm…as a matter of factime just got Bruce banner and crystal in the mail yesterday…my question was are the strain the other banks sale stronger vs…the money…and that’s all…I dont buy anywhere else…why would I?

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Also…how do you leave reviews?

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Don’t hold me to this but I believe you there is an option on the sale page for review


Can’t find it…I had to email them last year and I forgot how they done it…I swear it was from an outside party…but I will look again and thank you

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Found it…thanks
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I’m not sure actually the seed bank and forum are technically separate
You need to open a account on rhe seed bank as well then leave a review i think
I wasn’t arguing with you my friend at all ive found no reason to go else where al thought i have grown seeds from other seed banks and had great results
Was it better in my opinion no it was not better
It also wasn’t worse
Germination rate wasn’t as good with the other banks and no germination guarantees withbthem either :wink:
Anyway good discussion my friend happy growing


I found it…and I know you wasn’t…it’s all good and I understand the reason why yall wouldn’t won’t other seed banks name’s on the forum sight…I just wasn’t thinking…and so far out of 55 seeds I have got from ilgm I have had 56 plants…so no worries about me being a traitor

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i think seeds are like beer you’ve got your crowds who swear on there favourite beer but you better believe theres awsome beers out there! you just have to find them!
please post that bruce banner as it grows im keen on watching. it sells out fast.


@Sittingbull64 your funny brother lol
Your free to soend your $ where ever you want lol
Looking forward to tour grow buddy


I look for genetic mutations, root health, over all plant vitality while annihilating spindly scraggly unhealthy seedlings that got a little too much cesium, strontium, and other nasty isotopes in our atmosphere. I’m like a Nazi when it comes to plant selection! There’s no love lost gleaning out the weak and propagating the strong.

I hope there’s no more atomic meltdowns and other releases of the most toxic substances known to and created by mankind!

I have my iodide pills just in case!


Your 100% correct my freind…and I sure will…it’s gonna be a gorilla grow 100% outside in the ground no pots no buckets…can you say 8 feet…

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hallelujah 8 feet my brother!!