Seeds (that I planned on)

Hey folks! I’ve crossed a mazar-white rhino with a granddaddy purple and a purple kush. Seeds are coming along well on those plant. I’m wondering if anyone would mind test growing some? I don’t have a lot of extra room to grow right now. Veg tent already has 9 plants in it.
Please let me know. About 30 days before the seeds are ready.
Tks everyone.

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I’m sure there are plenty of people here willing to test them, but getting them out to them will be a pain as no one’s supposed to divulge who they really are or exactly how to contact them outside of this forum. If you figue a way lemme know.

Yeah. I know its going to be a pain. I like the no one knowing who we are…hopefully I can figure it out.

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I would if you found a way :v:

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Sorry guys I had a serious brain Fart. The cross was not with Mazar-White Rhino. I had been out looking at the Mazar when I wrote above. (Need to let the bowl load go out). The GDP and PK were crossed with a male of GRAPE INFERNO…SORRY EVERYONE.