Seeds/strains question

Ok it’s maybe sound dumb for most of you but i have a question about seed and strain…
if i found a seed in a bud of a certain strain and grow this seed, am i growing that strain exactly or its depend on the male strain that pollinated the female ?!? :thinking:

Yes. Lol, for real, no way to know. It could be from a hermaphrodite plant, or it could’ve been pollinated by an actual male plant, from the same strain or a different one possibly. It doesn’t hurt to grow it and see, but be on the lookout for male parts.


If I’m not mistaken the sex organs come out on eight node

Is it true that hermaphrodites only produce female seeds

It depends on the plant. Some show their sex very early, as soon as they’re mature enough to flower, basically. Others don’t even show a pistil at all until they’ve been in 12 hours of darkness for a few nights.

Seeds from hermaphrodites carry hermaphrodite genetics, so it stands to reason that seeds grown from plants that pollinated themselves would have a higher expectancy of becoming hermaphrodites, themselves. However, methods used to make feminized seeds cause the plant to make male pollen, so…


Even if the plant was self-pollinated (either because of hermaphroditic gene expression OR because the grower applied a solution to cause hermaphrodism) you won’t get an identical reproduction of the buds you smoked. There are a lot of possible explanations for how that seed appeared, but like others said it won’t hurt to grow it out.

The only way to keep a chemovar going without variation (and even this isn’t 100% reliable) is cloning. And in your case, cloning could be really beneficial because you can keep that mystery plant in veg while you stress-test clones. As others mentioned if the plant carries hermie genes you wanna know.

Even if it’s a hermie, it’s still better than nothing at all. If you let them cycle fully, you can harvest for seeds and hash. Just watch some youtube videos on traditional Afghan has cultivation.

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