Seeds still not here

Hi there everyone I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble getting seeds from ILGM I live in Australia and I think :thinking: that’s why. Everyone in America seems to get there stuff in 2 or 3 weeks. I did receive my second order in 3 weeks and they were the best seeds ever, but I have been waiting 4 months for my Blueberry autos. Has anyone had the same issue?


Mine took two weeks to New Zealand , have u emailed the staff a ilgm to say they haven’t arrived?

Hey mate I’m from AUS as well and cant say I’ve waited that long. I’ve ordered seeds and also nute packs and all come within 2 weeks. Auspost is useless lose more mail then they deliver (worked there for 2 years). Have you tried contacting the ilgm support team? I can’t say a bad thing about ilgms customer service and resolution time they are top notch. Hopefully you get an answer mate good luck.

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Thanks guys that gives me hope. I did contact ILGM and they have been trying to re send the same seeds for 4 months I should have mention that before. Do u think it could be costoms or just another shity service by Australiain post. And I’m not saying anything bad about ILGM cause with there seeds I grow some monster buds with some autos.


In America…if seeds are intercepted, the United States Postal Service sends you a red postcard asking if you want to come down to their office and claim the seeds. Um…well, no, I dunno where that came from.
I learned that ordering a T shirt to hide the seeds would almost guarantee a safe arrival.

Small packages and flat packages get more attention. Do you folks get any notification of interception?

Btw…are the pics the Blueberry auto you discussed or what strain?

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White Widow auto?

This are white widow and I ordered them 2 weeks after the blueberrys. And that’s why I’m sure to whatever happened to me blueberrys

I’ve had packages not arrive but never had a letter or customs at my door. I’ve always put it down to auspost otherwise I would ha e been done for already :slight_smile:

Try changing postal address to close friend or family might work.

Sorry to hear you are still waiting for your order, I had I order that never arrived , spoke to Claire and she suggested a new delivery address. New order arrived in 3 weeks or so.

Cheers guys I will try different address and see what happens.